2017 Summer Camping Ministry

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Branching Out - Connecting Through Christ

This summer, our campers will be reminded that they can take that camp-feeling with them everywhere they go because they are connected to one another and to God by Christ.

The Bible stories in Branching Out encourage campers to use prayer, relationships, family, and more to stay connected throughout their lives.

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Send Mail to a Camper

"I Got Mail!!!!

The Outdoor Ministry Advisory Team (OMAT) has made this decision based on numerous factors, to not receive e-mail for campers.

Send U.S. Mail to your camper: campers got a kick out of “snail mail” each summer.

“Snail Mail” – It can be fun again! Many congregations have chosen in the past few years to send a care package with letters, notes, etc. to the campers from their church. The campers love getting mail of this kind. You will need to mail it several days earlier than the week camp begins. Individual letters may also be mailed.

Camp Address is:

Camp Christian
Session: (for instance Jr. Camp I)
Campers Name
3735 Dennard Hardy Road
Gordon, GA 31031

Camp Reports

Camp Reports:

Each week during camp, we will have pictures daily so that you can learn all about what's going on at camp.
We use Google Photos to let you view and download the photos.  Just click on a photo to see it full screen or select the slide show option to watch them all in a show format.

Camp Christian Camper Dates (Directors/Counselors gather the day before.)

Camp Christian

Camp Kicklighter

Camp Christian

2017 Season

After April 15 rates go up **$10 from 4/16-5/1, add another $10 after 5/2
Camp Registration Deadline May 26, 2017
Late Registrations after May will be accepted if camps are not full.

Date Event Grade
(Completed as of June 2017)
(**see note above)
June 5 - 9 Junior 1 3rd, 4th, or 5th $285 Brandy Alsobrook
Teresa Bensch
June 12 - 17 CYF 10th, 11th, or 12th $320 Katie Gibson
Meredith Westbrook
June 19 - 23 Chi Rho 6th or 7th $285 Jackie Byrd
Stephen Westbrook
June 26 - July 1 Mid-High 8th or 9th $320 Rev. Cheryl Cloar
Rev. Sheila Hunter
July 4 - 7 OASIS For qualifying 10th, 11th  and 12th graders $200 Rev. Denise Bell
Pam Van Dusen
July 17 - 21 Junior 2 3rd, 4th, or 5th $285 Libby Ballew
Rev. Jay White
July 17 - 19 Chrysalis 1st or 2nd $195 Christine Crutchfield
Caroline Grant
July 21 - 23 Genesis Kindergarten,
accompanied by
an adult relative (over 21)
$250 Marilyn Parks
Pam Van Dusen


2017 Season

Date Camp Grade
June 4-9 CYF 8th, 9th, 10th 11th, 12th Stephen Durrence
June 11-16 Chi Rho Camp 5th, 6th, 7th Joseph Stephens
June 18-23 Junior Camp 2nd, 3rd, 4th Martin Bender

Visit the Camp Kicklighter Facebook page or contact your church office for registration information and more details.


Directions and Emergency Numbers:

  • Maps and directions to Camp Christian
    Camp Christian Conference Center
    3735 Dennard Hardy Road
    Gordon 31031-9776
    (for emergency use only)
  • Maps and directions to Camp Kicklighter
    Camp Kicklighter

General Things to Bring and Other Information

A complete Packing List may be downloaded HERE.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia does not publish a dress code.  We expect that everyone will dress appropriately for a Christian camping environment. One piece swim suits are recommended for modesty.
A Camp Medication Record will be mailed to you with the director’s letter welcoming you to camp. Please bring it to camp along with any prescriptions currently being taken.
All campers will receive one drink and one snack item each afternoon as well as one snack in the evening in addition to meals.
Each camper will receive a commemorative picture of the entire camp group,  1 (one) Summer Camp T-Shirt and a Camp Water Bottle.

How do I Register for Camp Christian:

  • Registration information will be sent to your Church Office and will be available on this web page in the spring.
  •  Many congregations will hold Camp Registration Sunday. In order to register that day, all you need to bring is health insurance information, a parent, a camper, and your check. Remember to have your minister or youth sponsor sign your forms prior to mailing them to the regional office.
    Your congregation will collect the forms and send them to us for you.
  • Do not forget the April 15, 2017 registration deadline. Your congregation will set a deadline ahead of this date so that the forms can be collected.
  • Some congregations are able to offer assistance with the cost of camp. Scholarships are available from other sources based on need call the regional office for information.

Please email campoffice@gadisciples.org with your questions.  You may call the Regional Office for more information, 478-743-8649. (Open Monday – Wednesday only)

Forms in Adobe PDF NEW!!! - Online Applications
(more coming next year)
Genesis Camper Registration Form

Chrysalis - Junior Camper Registration Form
(1st - 5th Grade)

Chi Rho - CYF Camper Registration Form
(6th - 12th Grade)

CIT Application

CIT Online Application
CIT OASIS Application

Adult Director or Counselor Application Adult Director or Counselor
Online Application

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The Objectives of our Camp and Conference Program

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia believes that camp and conference provide an opportunity for children, youth, and adults to step away from their day-to-day routines and focus more intensely on their relationship with God, to experience Christian community, and to practice living out their spiritual values in a supportive atmosphere.

Camp Recreation Opportunities

There are numerous recreation possibilities at Camp: volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, kickball, softball, non-competitive games, badminton, croquet, ping pong, paddle boating, canoeing, fishing, swimming, hiking, crafts, table games. No one gets bored with so many opportunities to make new friends and share in Christian community.

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