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OUR THEME: Beyond Belief!  The Universe of God

Summer Camp 2018 gave campers the opportunity to ponder BIG questions about God.  What if God was bigger than you ever imagined? What if hope was real?  What if you could change the world? Campers and conferees explored how God can be seen in Godís vast creation.  The power of community was experienced by those attending aas they discussed how Godís endless love sets in motion so many amazing adventures and how God has new mysteries to explore.  Campers enjoyed opportunities for Bible Study, prayer, worship, singing, community building, games, challenges and explore Godís creation in the outdoors and they had fun, too. Campers left camp ready to share their faith in their church and community at the end of their camp experience.

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Camp Reports

Camp Reports:

Each week during camp, we will have pictures daily so that you can learn all about what's going on at camp.
We use Google Photos to let you view and download the photos.  Just click on a photo to see it full screen or select the slide show option to watch them all in a show format.

Camp Christian

  • June 4-8 Junior I

  • June 5-7 Oasis

    Due to lightning damage to equipment at Camp Christian, we were unable to post photos of the following camps to the Website - however there are photos on the Facebook Group linked below.

  • June 11-16 CYF Conference

  • June 18-22 Chi Rho

  • June 25-29 Mid-High Conference

  • July 16-18 Chrysalis

  • July 16-20 Junior II

  • July 20-22 Genesis

Even more photos on the Facebook "Summer Camp 2018 ' Camp Christian The Place To Be in the Heart of Georgia'" Group (Note - you have to ask to join and it may take a day to approve your request).  more

Camp Kicklighter

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