Report from Camp Workday 2013

A spring workday was held on April 27, 2013 at Camp Christian Conference Center to get Camp ready for Summer.

We are blessed to have the support and help of members of Central Baptist Church of Gray Georgia.  These folks decided to build a new backstop for the ball field as well as spraying the lake for lillies.

Work DayWhen they arrived on Friday evening, Bob Frank-Plumlee tried to locate a drive shaft that would operate the auger on the John Deere tractor.   The plan was to set four 6x6x16' posts in the ground for the "foundation" of the backstop. The men of Gray  wanted the posts to be 4' in the ground so they were hoping to use the John Deere tractor and the Bushhog auger to get the holes dug that deep. However, we could not locate the part needed to run the auger. So, the holes had to be dug....manually with the posthole diggers. 

Anthony, in the picture holding the post hole diggers did most of the digging. They couldn't get down 4', that would have been , basically impossible manually. So , each hole ended up being a little over 3'. Anthony did the digging or the majority of it.  Anthony gets around, and did so while at Camp, in a wheel chair. He was badly wounded while serving in Iraq after the vehicle he was riding in with 7 other marines was hit by a roadside bomb. 4 of the marines were killed and Anthony barely survived. He's definitely a wounded veteran and still has shrapnel in various parts of his body from the explosion.

Lawn MowerTake a look at what Camp Christian Gala money bought - Camp's new $4,900 zero turn Husqvarna 61 mower.

Robert Burgamy mowed lawn FOR HOURS on it at the work day.

According to the book it will mow 23.7 acres in an 8 hour day. That one machine mowed a huge amount of grass on Saturday.

Enjoy more photos from Camp Work day below.

Camp Work Projects done

(April 27, 2013)

Electric Cable buried from Cabin 9 to Cabin 10
Electric Cable ditch dug from work shop to tractor shed
Clothes lines at cabins re-strung
Numerous Benches & 2 swings primed then painted
Clean up under Swimming pool fence & inside empty pool
Dug out old lumber round flower beds near bell tower
Water lilies to be sprayed to stop spread
Leaves and pine cones raked around Woodland and Peachtree
Lawn mowed & weed-eating done
Bare wood areas pressure washed
Ceiling fan in a villa hung.

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Photo Credit - Bob Frank-Plumlee and Emily Blackwood.

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