Report from Camp Workdays 2014

Work weekends at Camp Christian Conference Center near Gordon included April 7-8 (16 workers from Lawrenceville FCC), April 25-27 (27 workers from 8 congregations), May 2-3 (38 workers from 13 congregations) and May 10 (9 workers from Sandy Springs and one from Shiloh at Loganville). That is a total of 91 people participating in Work Weekends. A few came more than one weekend, but the number of different people was about 80 over a four week period. About 20 congregations were represented. Wow, what a fantastic turnout!!! THANK YOU to all who came and helped.

What was accomplished?

  • The craft room, canteen/ games & sports equipment rooms are organized & ready for use.
  • A small garden area has been planted including a new surround for the large raised bed. Since we could not do it during spring break because of rain,
    the surround is not exactly rectangular. We had to make it fit what is there now. It is made of recycled plastic and should last for a really long time.
  • Built the canoe/kayak rack. We did decide build on the left side of the dock. There were trees and roots on the right side.  When Brendon dug the first hole at the top- it started filling up with water. Tommy said it had rained a lot a couple of days ago. He had sackrete to put in the hole and mixed it. He worked hard to make sure everything was level and even.  He put some braces to hold it in place temporarily so that the cement can set.  Then when he dug the hole closer to the lake it hardly had any water in it. Could not figure that one out.  The rack is made with pressure treated wood, so hopefully it will last a while.
  • The Rustic Camp (10 cabins) have been cleaned and are ready for use.
  • The floors in the shower house have been stripped and painted.
  • Ten new screen doors have been varnished and several have been hung.
  • A new door with windows has been installed at the back of Lavery’s kitchen, which includes a screen door.
  • The kitchen has been rearranged and cleaned.
  • Flower beds around the pool have been weeded.
  • Canoes & kayaks have been washed and minor repairs done to the boat dock.
  • Peachtree Lodge has new screen on the porch.
  • Many, many downed limbs & trees have been cut and removed, including at the labyrinth.
  • The Bell Tower has been repainted and all new lattice applied. This Bell Tower project was done in honor of Bob and Karen Frank-Plumlee.

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