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Miracle Day 2001 - Page 2

On February 3, 2001, Disciples from all over Georgia gathered to refurbish the United Christian Church of Dublin Ga.

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miracleday01-0-08f.jpg (55919 bytes) The original church sign
miracleday01-1-10f.jpg (55809 bytes) was painted over
miracleday01-2-01f.jpg (52078 bytes) and then neatly re-stenciled.
miracleday01-1-12f.jpg (64307 bytes) Kitchen cabinets were assembled
miracleday01-1-18f.jpg (57437 bytes)
miracleday01-2-13f.jpg (42237 bytes) and the kitchen remodeled.
miracleday01-1-14f.jpg (36580 bytes) Doors were hung
miracleday01-1-16f.jpg (33579 bytes) The exterior was cleaned
miracleday01-2-02f.jpg (62983 bytes) repaired
miracleday01-1-15f.jpg (55794 bytes) repainted
miracleday01-2-16f.jpg (41563 bytes) and trimmed.
miracleday01-2-04f.jpg (63409 bytes) Chairs were spray painted.
miracleday01-1-17f.jpg (70247 bytes) a fire from scrap lumber helped provide warmth
miracleday01-1-13f.jpg (53749 bytes) The stage was rebuilt
miracleday01-2-07f.jpg (40802 bytes) by a talented group of carpenters
miracleday01-2-06f.jpg (47160 bytes) to repair and add more space.
dsc00012.jpg (45732 bytes) Paneling was cut.
dsc00019.jpg (45264 bytes) Paneling was fit in place with insulation,
dsc00020.jpg (44225 bytes) and nailed in place.  Associate Regional Minister Al Dotson can swing a hammer!
dsc00015.jpg (47158 bytes) We even had a birthday party in the middle of the afternoon.
miracleday01-2-08f.jpg (39671 bytes) Sometimes "high steppin" was required to maneuver around all the work.
miracleday01-1-20f.jpg (44396 bytes) The bathrooms were completely rennovated
miracleday01-2-05f.jpg (50534 bytes) including considerable plumbing work
miracleday01-2-14f.jpg (71067 bytes) Doing everything in a day some- times required innovation (like painting both sides at a time)
miracleday01-2-0ef.jpg (57510 bytes) Directing traffic was important for safety
miracleday01-2-1ff.jpg (48430 bytes) Anna Morales reads scripture at our closing service
miracleday01-2-12f.jpg (61208 bytes) where everyone gathered to give thanks for the day
miracleday01-2-09f.jpg (67379 bytes)
miracleday01-2-15f.jpg (56980 bytes)

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