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Regional Assembly of the Christian Church
In Georgia, November 9-10, 2001
First Christian Church, Tucker

Saturday - November 10
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The Assembly began with the Men's and Women's Breakfast.  MVC-008S.JPG (34886 bytes)
MVC-009S.JPG (39859 bytes) The Food and the Fellowship was excellent.
MVC-010S.JPG (47253 bytes) MVC-011S.JPG (40177 bytes)
MVC-012S.JPG (35508 bytes) MVC-013S.JPG (34643 bytes)
Medie Still talks to the Men. MVC-014S.JPG (53284 bytes)
MVC-015S.JPG (41734 bytes) MVC-016S.JPG (49805 bytes)
MVC-019S.JPG (62561 bytes) Jerri Introduces Landa Harris Simmons, the CWF Speaker.
MVC-020S.JPG (57214 bytes)
The morning continued with Lambreth Style Bible Study. MVC-021S.JPG (41985 bytes)
MVC-022S.JPG (51217 bytes)
ra01_521.jpg (74520 bytes) ra01_519.jpg (58212 bytes)
Then some Singing to warm us up. ra01_523.jpg (49485 bytes)
Dr. Jerry Gladson leads the Bible Teaching. ra01_524.jpg (34289 bytes)
ra01_525.jpg (29877 bytes) ra01_526.jpg (83522 bytes)
ra01_528.jpg (47334 bytes) Linda Whitmire opens with the Invocation.
Rev. Cynthia Hale tells us to "Break Camp, advance and possess the land!" ra01_531.jpg (53767 bytes)
ra01_534.jpg (59554 bytes) ra01_539.jpg (37008 bytes)
ra01_536.jpg (58450 bytes) ra01_530.jpg (53842 bytes)
Calling Michael Weeks as Associate Regional Minister for Youth and Young Adults. ra01_540.jpg (57354 bytes)
ra01_542.jpg (64011 bytes) ra01_543.jpg (62768 bytes)
ra01_546.jpg (59218 bytes) Recognition of the Regional Staff.
Installation of the Regional Board. ra01_548.jpg (60027 bytes)
Alfred Dotson, Associate Regional Minister calls us to offering. ra01_550.jpg (39532 bytes)
ra01_554.jpg (67020 bytes) Soloist Arietha Lockhart and pianist Bill Thompson provide beautiful music!
ra01_555.jpg (59992 bytes) Our Regional Ministers lead us
at the Lords Table for Communion. ra01_557.jpg (52473 bytes)
MVC-017S.JPG (59999 bytes) MVC-018S.JPG (54135 bytes)
Regional Board Member in Training - Practicing keeping all those balls up in the air :-) MVC-024S.JPG (42387 bytes)

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