Disciples of Christ from Georgia to Mungeli India on a
Pilgrimage to The Christian Hospital

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Each year since 2008, Disciples from Georgia have participated in a Pilgrimage to Mungeli India to learn about the Christian Hospital and help in its mission.  Although Landa Simmons is no longer in Georgia, she's still leading the charge back to Mungeli for 2014.

To learn more, follow the links below, look at last trips slides and blog (Mugeli 2012) or watch the video trailer for a new documentary about the Christian Hospital below.

Questions?  Contact Landa Simmons at landasimmons@gmail.com

WHAT WE DO HERE --- TEASER from Russell Brownley on Vimeo.

This is a short visual teaser from a documentary Russell Brownley shot and directed this past Winter in Mungeli, India with help from Sam Veal of Sandersville First Christian Church. What We Do Here is a short documentary telling the story of the Christian Hospital Mungeli and introducing the personalities and everyday happenings around the property. The film will be a 15 minute short and will be used for fundraising for CHM.

The film was shot over the course of 4 days in the rural town of Mungeli, India.

Directed and Cinematography by Russell Brownley
Produced by Landa Simmons, Dr. Anil Henry, and Russell Brownley
Edited by Josh Colegrove and Russell Brownley
Additional Photography by Sam Veal
Production Assistance by Chris Reher


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Dr. Anil Henry
Photo Credit: Gregg Brekke
To learn more about the Mungeli Hospital and the work of  its director, Dr. Anil Henry, our Global Mission Partner please:

Christian HospitalOver 40 people from Disciples churches in the Georgia region were called to be God’s witnesses on a People-to-People Pilgrimage to India in 2008 - 2012, although in this instance they were witnesses in a very different way.  A witness is one who testifies to what he has seen and heard and knows to be true.  While these pilgrims will surely testify to their own faith, the purpose of our journey lay in their desire to become witnesses to the living out of the Good News at the Christian Hospital, Mungeli India.  They see first hand how our Global Ministry takes place at “the ends of the earth”.  As a result of seeing and sharing the “witnessing, loving, and serving” of Drs. Anil  and Teri Henry, their Christian hospital, school and congregation in Mungeli, all of the Pilgrims become better witnesses to the faith.  “Sometimes we must travel far to find what is near.”

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