The 1999 Regional Assembly of the Christian Church In Georgia established the following mission statement:

Our Mission is to be Christís witness in the Georgia Region, growing, building, and equipping vital faith communities.

They also wrote the following Long Range Goals.

  • To connect and partner churches, seminarians and regional staff, to Strengthen Lay and Clergy ministries through such things as placing student pastors in local congregations as needed.
  • Connecting seminarians, pastors, and regional staff together.
  • To become and/or develop a database of resources, people, ministries, gifts and needs, including developing a lay leader institute.
  • Start 25 churches in the next 10 years.
  • Become a service for the renewal and revitalization of established congregations.
  • Develop a comprehensive and excellent communication strategy (both internal and external) as a means toward communion.
  • Develop innovative capital funding programs and endowments.
  • To develop spiritual formation ministries:
    sustain, maintain, and revitalizing through retreat, camp, conference programs, etc.
  • To provide support funding, and resources as able and needed for empowering and equipping faith communities so that they can feed a spiritually hungry world.
  • To continue to grow and provide for more mission events in Georgia and beyond; being cognizant of faithful stewardship of time and people, perhaps through creating standing work crews and fostering ecumenical partnerships.
  • Alternate Regional Assembly with the General Assemblies.
  • Region to serve the church.
  • To be more attentive to modeling inclusive ministry across the board and to be intentional about developing ministries with youth and young adult.
  • To develop pastor to pastor relationships through personal contact.

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