Camp OASIS (A Safe Place to Make Friends and Share Gifts) is the new name of the camp formerly called Balaam.  Disciple youth learn skills as Counselors in Training during a day camp for 3rd - 5th graders from homes near the camp in Wilkinson County. Rising 11th, 12th graders and graduating seniors are selected to serve as counselors for this experience and have the opportunity to share the gospel with many kids who have never attended camp and some who do not have a church home. The curriculum also helps teach the kids manners and self worth.


Funding is needed for this camp. For each child in attendance it costs $40-50 a day and the total bill with 60 attending should be about $3,000. That includes a water bottle, a t-shirt, recreational and craft opportunities. The counselors pay to attend which takes care of their expenses and other administrative costs. Consider donating to help raise the money needed to cover the day camper costs.

You may donate online by credit card:

OR please mail checks (and designate for OASIS) to:

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia
2370 Vineville Ave
Macon, GA 31204

Thank you for giving the gift of camping.

Enable the Ministry of our OASIS Counselors in Training with your gifts!

“Shortly after Directing Camp OASIS, Marilyn and I were in Hobby Lobby in search of more crafts for our camping program. Two young guys were walking by and waving and we quickly recognized them as OASIS campers. What a joy they were. In their excitement of talking with us, both lit up when asked if they were coming again. ‘For as long as you will let us’ was their reply. What a strong testament to what our OASIS CIT’S are instilling in these young people.” Director, Pam Van Dusen

 “Campers and counselors have come to Camp Christian for Camp Oasis each summer for close to 30 years, I had the good fortune to serve as a youth counselor at Camp Oasis and have served as Co-Director. Oasis was significant in my call to ministry because it was one of the earliest opportunities for me to discover my leadership gifts. Through serving at Oasis as a counselor I was able to develop these gifts while sharing God’s love with the children we served.” Counselor, Director, Pastor Danny Gulden

OASIS CIT Comments: “I was blessed to have such an experience to give the camp experience that i was so thankful to have, to others.”  Rafael Evatt-Machado    “It was humbling to work with such gracious kids, and I will remember those few days for the rest of my life.”  Elizabeth Clackum        “Absolutely loved working with the kids. One of the best experiences I've ever had.” Rebecca Thompson      “OASIS was a growing experience for me. Being a CIT at OASIS helped my faith in God grow as I touched the lives of many young children. It was amazing to get to know each and every one of the campers personally and it touched my heart. Camp OASIS was one of the best experiences I've had.” Ashlyn Parks   “OASIS being a CIT was pretty fun for me to get to show love to all those kids and telling them more about God. Once those kids showed up at camp for the couple days it made me happy to see them smile and have fun. I really enjoyed being a CIT AT Oasis.” Daniel Franklin  “Kids can get away from their environment and experience a place and create a bond with people that just want to show them the love that God gives to us all.”  Haley Walker

Your gifts, prayers, support and encouragement are appreciated!!

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