Sharing Stations on the Lenten Journey

Gathered recently at Camp Christian for the annual VOICES retreat were ministers from all corners of the Region of GA. Every year the Christian College of Georgia sponsors this time of retreat and renewal for both active and retired clergy just as Christians everywhere prepare for Lent. This year's theme, "Stations on our Lenten Journey," walked participants through three sessions led by Doug Job, James Brewer-Calver and Leslie Raymer. Viewing parts of Dr. Rick Lowery's Lenten course offered through the partnership of TransformingTheChurch.org and The Christian College of Georgia, attendees reflected on their callings and confessions as they continue their own journeys.

As always, where DOC ministers tred, so follows food, fellowship and fun; this weekend of retreat and renewal was no exception! The musical talents of Rafael Collado and Janice Hume had everyone accompanying them with rhythm instruments and song. The customary hospitality of the Camp Christian Staff, the beautiful environment of Camp Christian, the support of the Christian Church in Georgia, TransformingTheChurch.org, The Christian College of Georgia, and the VOICES Retreat Planning Committee (James Brewer-Calvert, Rafael Collado, Bob Harris, Lainie Jenkins, Doug Job and Leslie Raymer) allowed attending ministers time to strengthen connections and forge new friendships. Commissioned and Ordained Ministers in the Region of GA will want to pencil in time for this event next year!

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