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2020 Disciple Men's Retreat - CANCELLED

To All,

After careful consideration, speaking with Rev. Denise, some other ministers who expressed their concerns, and  the Georgia Men's Commission members, we have decided to cancel the Disciples Men's Retreat scheduled for March 27-29, 2020. This is due to poor registration response, and also concerns of the corona-virus that is going around the states. We are being encouraged by the region and other church ministers to not have this gathering. We ended up with 8 that have registered, but we would still have a loss if we held the retreat. Roger With has been in contact with Christmount on the refunding of any money that has been paid to them by each of you that have registered. We will update you when we get the information. 

I have contacted Dr. Stan Saunders, our guest presenter and informed him of this cancellation. I have asked him that I hope we could contact him at another time and he could still present this program to us.

If you have any remarks, please forward to me, at jwalker@numail.org, or John Anderson at jhnander@knology.net or Roger With at withr@bellsouth.net. I hope each of you understand what a hard decision this was to make. We love getting together and worshiping and fellow-shipping with other men. I hope we can have a retreat in the future. 

God's peace on each of you, and good health,

Jimmy Walker
Secretary, Georgia Men's Commission


2019 Men's Fall Rally - October 5th

                                       The Disciples Men Commission of Georgia is pleased                                                           to the establishment of an Endowment in the
                                                         name of Milton Summerall.

                                 Milton is a long time member of the Georgia Men's Commission and                                       has held numerous positions from District Representative to the                                             President of the Commission.  On the General Church level he has                                         served on the Executive Committee and as President of the General                                       Conference of Disciple Men.  Milton has also served as a member of the General Board of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  Milton has most recently served as the State Coordinator for the Georgia Men's Commission.

To honor Milton Summerall for his many years of service to the Georgia Disciples Men's Commission and Men's Ministries we are pleased to announce the establishment of an Endowment in his Name with the Christian Church Foundation. A portion of the endowment's interest, every year, is provided to the Executive Committee of the General Conference as financial support for the planning and implementation of Men's programming at the general church (United States and Canada).

We encourage you to contribute to this program and honor Milton for his years of service to Men's Ministries and the Church.

Please send contributions to the regional office:

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia
Attn: Milton Summerall Endowment
2370 Vineville Ave.
Macon, GA  31204-3163

Make checks payable to Disciple Men and write: Milton Summerall Endowment in the for line.

Saturday, October 17th, 2020
10:00 AM
More details coming soon!
2020 Men’s Commission for the Region of Georgia


President (2020) –

         John Anderson

Past President and Member at Large-

         Roger With

Past President and Member at Large-

          Medie Still 


Past President and Member at Large-

          Bob Grant 


Secretary/Treasury –

          Jimmy Walker


Regional Representative –

          John Anderson


Regional Representative-

          Mike Bodnar


Regional Representative–

          Richard Williams

Regional Representative Emeritus-

          Joe Kern 


Chaplain/Regional Representative –


Future President-vacant

2019 Disciple Men's Retreat

Georgia Region Men’s Ministry Retreat on Toxic Masculinity
by Glenna With

The Georgia Men’s Commission hosted the annual Men’s Retreat at the beautiful Christmount Conference Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina April 5-7, 2019.  Roger With, the Men’s Commission President, was joined by the Men’s Commission and gentlemen to worship in song and gain knowledge from the workshop presentations. Men from all over the state of Georgia, and a gentleman from Virginia joined keynote speaker, Rev. Dr. Percy Johnson on workshops on Toxic Masculinity.  This term is defined as a narrow and repressive description of manhood, designating manhood as defined by violence, sex, status and aggression.  It’s the cultural idea of manliness, where strength is everything while emotions are a weakness.


2019 Laymen of the Year : Michael Curtis

Michael Curtis, of Ray of Hope Christian Church was awarded the 2018 Layman of the Year by the Georgia Men’s Commission, Sunday, January 27, 2019.  Michael was surprised by the members of the Men’s Commission who attended the worship service, and Roger With, President of the Men’s Commission spoke of Curtis’s qualifications for this honor.  Rev. Cynthia Hale, the Ray of Hope Christian Church senior minister, helped arrange the presentation.

Michael, who was nominated by Ray of Hope’s Minister of Men, Richard Williams, felt honored to be the twenty-eighth recipient of this prestigious award. Rev. Williams nominated Curtis because of his worthiness as Christian leader in his church.  Michael is a very active participant in the Men’s Group activities at the Ray, and he has achieved the position of Elder Emeritus.  He also serves as a Ministry Mentor and as a Regional Elder. 

Click the arrows to read more about Michael Curtis and Laymen of the Year Nominations

Why Attend Regional Men's Events?

  1. We should spread the word to others that God is working through men.

  2. Shared experiences help you and others.

  3. We can work together for a greater good in mission ventures.

  4. We can benefit, grow and discover a better picture of the church as Jesus intended.

  5. We can share Spiritual fellowship -- we are kindred spirits.

  6. We see that we are not alone and that others go through the same things in this life.

  7. Our gatherings reinforce who we are as Disciples and that the church is global, not limited.

  8. We have greater opportunity to hear new insight from speakers from the wider church.

  9. We can tackle larger service projects as a region than a single congregation can do.

  10. Physical fellowship -- being with likeminded believers in a ministry of presence.

  11. We are meant to gather -- Jesus sent his Disciples out in groups, not alone.

  12. We share an abundant and overflowing outpouring of Christian love among the men.

  13. To be a greater witness to the joy of salvation in Christ.

  14. A benefit -- "as iron sharpens iron, so to does one man another"

  15. So you can meet more folks you'll spend eternity with.

  16. Because God is worshipped and you can experience that worship through music, singing and prayer from a uniquely male perspective and atmosphere.

  17. To stay informed about the joys, needs and concerns of the wider church.

  18. Somebody there may need your help.

  19. Somebody there may be your help.
    And last but not least,

  20. A verse -- " Forsake not the assembling of yourselves" for Christ's sake.

Lifetime Achievement Award


To nominate someone for the Lifetime Achievement Award, read the guidelines below, then click the nominate button below to fill out the form.  The form will be sent to the Regional office who will then Contact the person's Minister for his/her comments.


  1. Has served and/or is currently an active member, Church Officer, Teacher, Deacon, Committee member, or Elder of a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation for more than 10 years in the Region of Georgia.

  2. Has served and/or is currently an active member of a local a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) men’s group, upholding the principles of Disciples Men, for more than 10 years in the Region of Georgia.

  3. Has served and/or is currently serving in Regional activities, preferably, but not limited to Disciples Men functions, of the Christian Church in Georgia (i.e. Regional Board, Committee/Commission member, Regional Assembly, Miracle Day, Camp worker, for more than 10 years.

  4. Has demonstrated stewardship of time and talent through volunteer work in the local community. (i.e. Habitat for Humanity, Carpenters for Christ, etc.)

  5. Has shown to have an exemplary character that has served as a model for his congregation.

  6. Must not presently be a member of the Regional Disciples Men Commission.

  7. This nomination MUST be based on the candidate’s ministry to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Region of Georgia for a minimum of 10 years.

Revised August 2003

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: November 1 of each year.


The VOICE of Disciples Men is BACK! 

 We would love to share news of what is happening in Disciples Men in your church, and in your region. Share your stories with us and we can let everyone know how God is working in our midst! You can reach us at disciplesmen@dhm.disciples.org







Sessions 2020 is quickly approaching! Early Bird registrations are Due before May 1st, so save yourself some spending money and register soon to join us at TCU July 10th to 12th, 2020 for Sessions 2020! The weekend will be filled with opportunities to learn and grow as a man, as a disciple of Christ, and as a Disciple of Christ! Rick Lowery will be presenting three keynote presentations on the theme “I Am My Brother’s Keeper.” We will lift our voices in praise with music led by John Malget and Dean Phelps, and have Bible study led by Warren Carter. Sessions 2020 also features workshops on the Wounded Warrior Project, Week of Compassion, Male Spirituality, and The Jesus Way.  And you won’t want to miss out on the Saturday afternoon presentation by Santiago Piñón. Register today! 

Find out more at https://sessions.life/2020/





At General Assembly this past summer, Greg Alexander and Alex Ruth unveiled a new ministry with men called "The Jesus Way." The Jesus Way is not a program. It is a journey, a developmental faith journey for all Disciples’ men. Using the life of Jesus as the model for a life lived in right relationship with God, this journey begins by asking each man to take a personal self-inventory of the man he is today. Next, it moves towards exploring the question, “What kind of man is God calling me to be?” In this part of the journey, men study the life of Jesus as the true model of mature masculinity. Then, compare the man I am today with the model of manhood we see in Jesus. The rest of the journey is about learning what a man must do to become the kind of man God is calling him to be, to live his life The Jesus Way.

Greg and Alex are currently working to develop a training session to be offered in regional clusters. This training session will give Disciples Men leaders from churches the tools and techniques they need to enhance or start ministry to and with men in their church. These training sessions will be held in 2020, so be watching for more information as to dates and locations. Greg and Alex are also developing several new curriculum for mens ministry in your church. These studies, available in early 2020, will guide your group as you walk together following The Jesus Way. Learn more at jesuswaymen.net.




Have you heard about the Disciples Men Podcast? You can find out more at The Jesus Way website. Or, the podcast is available through iTunes and Google Play. Tune in today and learn more about The Jesus Way, Disciples Men, and the General Conference of Disciples Men!



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