Oct 26

Prayer Request


Please add my son, David, to all of church lists. He has been added to the waiting list for a liver transplant! Thanks! Wes Morgan

Hi Wes! I will forward this to our facebook and add it on the newsletter as well. Praying for David and family!

New Posts
  • Patient and Wise God, as a community stretched across the Region, we ask You to be present with the planning team working together, under Your Sight and Word, to plan workshops, speakers, arrange space, create needed forms – all the “on the ground” work in this process. Encourage those working, inspire those volunteers who have been approached regarding workshops and speaking; bring clarity to those who are arranging and re-arranging space; inspire with Your creativity those who are producing needed forms, brochures, and programs. We ask that You continue to strengthen the planning team in their understanding of Your vision for this Regional Assembly. In gratitude for Your mercy and inspiration, Amen.
  • As the 2020 RA Planning Team continues its spirit-filled work, we look to the Region for prayerful support of our efforts. Each week, a prayer will be posted. Please participate in praying for us and our work. "God of Hope and Wisdom, as a community stretched across the Region, we ask you to be with the planning team working together, under your Word, to dream and plan our Regional Assembly. Bless their work, open their ears to hear, open their hearts to speak in your Love. Bind the Team together in Your strength so that their planning can be a path to wholeness for them and for our Region."

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