Youth-a-Palooza 2008 1

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Youth-a-Palooza 2008 1
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Youth-a-Palooza 2008

Friday Night

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 YAC Welcoming crew (complete with squirt guns!)
1st task - unload the luggage.  New Hope unloads their Van.
And setup in the assigned cabin.
(L-R) Sandy Springs, FCC Valdosta, New Hope.
Then a quick trip to the pier to watch the sunset.
Meanwhile YAC is hanging banners and setting up Strickland.
Now its time to greet old and new friends.
A good group for Friday Night Gathering.
Song leader Paul Svensen and Michael Weeks discuss the program.
YAC introduces themselves - with a little dance.
YAC Adult sponsors.
Getting to know everyone.
Singing with Paul.
Do'in the Hand Jive.
Letting your Light Shine.
Mixers get everyone mingled.
"Ships & Sailors"
Row the boat.
Captain on Deck!
Man overboard.
Four to a table.
More mixers - "fingers to nose!"
"Back to Back" the extreme version.
"Elbow to Chin"
"Finger to Ear" - and giggle.
More singing!  With YAC leading.
Reading "The Rules!"
Michael and Paul get organized.
Close with a prayer.
And a song.
YAC gets organized for tomorrow.  Chair Surfer!
Adults meet to discuss the weekend.
Time to sign up for Karaoke.
The appreciative audience!
Or perhaps a hand of cards at the cabin.
Or a little Football!
Or Just hang'in out before lights out.

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