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Youth-a-Palooza 2008

Saturday Afternoon

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 The afternoon brought rain and Popcorn and Organized Chaos!
How many ways are their to go down the slide?
Part of the obstacle course.
"Don't hug me - you're all wet!"
Down he goes.
Concentration and supreme effort . . .
for every last inch!
The dash forward.
And the recoil!
Some head into town for a walk on the beach with friends.
Others build castles in the sand.
Some get ice cream (even though it was cold and wet)
Some just walk on the pier.
And almost everybody goes shopping!
Shooting the photographer.
Afternoon gathering in Strickland
Singing James Taylor's "Call Me" with the motions.
College Representatives from Eureka. . .
and Transylvania University.
Afternoon Keynotes by Rev. Amy Gopp.
Who spoke to the CYF.
And Rev. Jamie Brame
Who spoke to the Chi-Rho.
Time for Dinner!
A Little Balloon fun before the evening program begins.

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