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Gigabytes for the Gospel
Webmasters Retreat at Christmount

May 2-4, 2008

A group of 18 Disciple Webmasters met at Christmount for a retreat on Church Web site design and maintenance called "Gigabytes for the Gospel."  The retreat was led by Buddy Ray, Rev. Dean Phelps and Heath Coffey and included sessions on such topics as the future of technology and the church, what goes into a good Church Web site, authoring tools, tips and tricks and a session on privacy, copyrights and other legal issues.

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After the opening Friday night session, Rev. Dean Phelps prepares to lead Vespers.  
After Vespers we had snacks and worked on our web sites both Friday and Saturday nights.
And everyone enjoyed the fellowship and the mountain air.
On Saturday, Heath Coffey leads a session on hosting and authoring tools.
Saturday included sessions on what a good church website contains and navigation,
as well as a review of some example web sites.
Saturday night Dean Phelps led a session on "Tips and Tricks"
Buddy Ray also helped with the Tips and Tricks session,
as well as a session Sunday on "Here there be Dragons" on issues such as privacy, copyrights and security.
Looks like a lesson on Karate too!
Dean would warm the group up with song before each session.
There were many good voices in the group!
Sunday we worshiped together before heading home.

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