More Hands for God Day 2

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More Hands for God - Part 2

Now the real fun begins as the health clinic starts to work and neighborhood children show up for the carnival!

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Lets get some balloons out to welcome the kids'
The busses head out to pick up neighborhood children.
The prayer tent in front of the Health Clinic. -->
The Health Clinic is ready for business.
Blood pressure and flu shots.
Dental hygiene in the trailer donated by the Mission Society.
HIV testing and counseling.
There were a LOT of sandwiches made.
Many people helped assemble hygiene kits.
Handing out hygiene kits at the health clinic.
Here come the busses!
Ribbons designate which bus to go home on later. 
Singing and hearing the word of God.
Almost time to go into the Carnival.
Everyone had to take their shoes off.
Face Painting 
James Brewer Calvert the clown with balloons.
Decorating pumpkins.
Lots of jumping, climbing and sliding!
A must at any carnival!
Snow cones and cotton candy.
Making sand bottles.
Setting up the grill.
To cook the hot dogs.
Lunch is almost ready!

It was a great day of worship, fellowship and service!


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