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2008 Regional Assembly

November 15, 2008


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James M. (Sonny) Wray, Jr., Vice President for Advancement of Lexington Theological Seminary addresses the Men's gathering.  
Rev. Sekinah Hamlin addresses the Women's Gathering.
In the general meeting, Sonny Wray tells everyone about the missions work being done by students and faculty at Lexington Theological Seminary.
Rev. John Novikoff brings the assembly up on the Mission for Biblical Literacy's work in Russia, Armenia, Nicaragua and Haiti.
Rev. Leland C. Collins, Executive Director of the Georgia Christian Council
Kris Culp, Dean, Disciples Divinity House delivered the morning bible study
Morning Workshops: "Who has been called", Rev. Patrick Chandler.
"Hide it under a bushel? No!"  Rev. Chuck Jones.
"Marriage Enrichment", Jack and Lana Snellgrove
"Financial Planning and Budgeting for Christians", Tana Glassford
"Campus Ministry Roundtable", Rev. Dr. Bob harris
"Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children", Rev. Debi Acree

Saturday Afternoon

Lunch break - Relaxing with friends on the Epworth porch.
The light on St. Simons.
In the afternoon session, Rev. Betty Brewer-Calvert gives a report of Women's activities in the Region via photos.
Rev. Ray Miles gives awards to leading CWF contributors to Disciples Mission Fund: Central Christian Columbus.
First Christian Valdosta.
First Christian Athens.
Congregations with top giving to Disciple Outreach
Congregations with top per capita giving to Disciple Outreach
Leading contributors to Disciple Mission fund in 2007.
Thanks to Lanie Jenkins for service on the regional board.
Thanks to Sam Nichols for years of service of as Secretary.
Rev. Ray Miles delivers a state of the Region report.
Afternoon workshops: Rev. Ray Miles "Search and Call for those who aren't Searching."
"Global Ministries in Congregations", Rev. Bob Shebeck
"Who has been called?", Rev. Patrick Chandler
"Greening of the Church", Rev. Doug Job
"Anti-racism in the church", Rev. Sekinah Hamlin

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