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Youth-a-Palooza 2009 1
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Friday Night

January 9, 2009

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 Pam Checks everyone in on Friday Night.
Meanwhile the Youth Activities Council is rehearsing skits.
Everyone else started moving in to the cabins.
<-- What happens when something spills in your purse.

Some had Pizza for dinner -->

People start gathering in Strickland for the opening.
It was a bit cool outside but warm inside greeting friends from camp or last years Youth-a-Palooza.
The Youth Activities Council "huddles" just before beginning the evening.
Ray and Wendy Miles talk with Betty Brewer-Calvert
Stephen welcomes the group and then Paul Svenson invites everyone to "Sing with me".
Leon Stalls runs the sound board.
do'in the Hand Jive.
Keynoters Lisa and Michael Davidson look on.
Michael and Lisa are introduced to the Assembly.
Michael talks to the Adults in the lobby.
This is how "Adults" hand out paperwork.
Skit: "Rollover Prayers"
Stand UP" a group mixer.
After the session, Paul rehearses the choir for worship.
While others headed to Karaoke
Some just watched.
Others picked their songs from the list.
Some got refreshments.

But the brave sang!

A little late night football outside the cabins.

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