Youth-a-Palooza 2009 4

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Saturday Night
Sunday Morning

January 10-11, 2009

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Saturday Night
Charlie picks songs for the dance.
While others "relax" after dinner.
Sekinha Hamlin leads an Anti Racism
and Reconciliation session.
Paul gets them on their feet for the evening session with song.
Skit: "The Kingdom of God is like . . ."
Matt and Alisa talk about Camp Kicklighter.
Then it was time to move outdoors for worship.
The evening began with a blank canvas and YAC singing. . .
"As I went down to the river to pray . . ."
As the service progressed, the logo of the weekend slowly appeared.
Lisa Davidson preached.
After worship it was time for the dance.
Sunday Morning
All is ready for worship.
YAC begins the day with a devotion.
Then Michael gives goes over the worship.
Charlie demonstrates "Butt Spelling".
Then those that lost their nametags must spell Youth-a-Palooza.
Rev. Dr. Ray Miles talks about the work of the region.
Paul begins the worship with song.
Worship begins with the YAC Installation.
Outgoing members pass Crosses to incoming members.
Litany of committment.
Michael thanks outgoing YAC members.
The service ends with communion.
Using fresh baked bread.
Paul leads one last hymnn.
As Michael and Lisa our Keynoters look on.
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