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Gigabytes for the Gospel

A web development Seminar held each year at Christmount in N.C.

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Heath Coffey opens Friday night with a welcome. 
The Friday night gathering.
Buddy Ray's session on "The Rise of Social Networking"
Dean Phelps opens Saturday's sessions by leading us in singing.
Dean teaches "What goes into a Web Site."
The Saturday Group.
Everyone suggests "User Requirements"
as Dean notes them on the board.
Food at Christmount is always excellent.
It's hard to teach after a lunch like that!
Saturday morning we split into two sessions.
Buddy explained Content Management Systems.
While Heath taught basic web construction using an editor.
Heath helps a student with a problem.
Sunday Morning - "Here there be Dragons."

After Worship on Sunday we departed, ready to go home and spread the Good News with technology.

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