General Assembly 2003

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia

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General Assembly

Charlotte N.C. / September 2003

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James Brewer-Calvert
Ralph & Emily Smith
Bob Harris & Brad Miller
"Is that the Regional Minister of N.C., John Richardson?"
Charlotte Hale and Ann Doster of Cherry Log CC
Alfred Dotson chats Floyd Hale and Hal Doster of Cherry Log CC
Cheri Thompson, Hal Doster and Floyd Hale of Cherry Log CC visit with Alfred Dotson
Ann Doster and Bob Clark (CLCC)
Michael, Michele and Ruthie Weeks
Dave and Anne Alexander stopped by the reception. They live in Lexington, Ky.
Rebecca Heller (now in Kent, OH) chats with Michelle Weeks, as Ida Ann Clarke looks on.
Rev. Zena McAdams and Laura Mahn Evans of Sandy Springs CC enjoys the Georgia reception.
Bill Thompson asks Michael a question.
John Richardson, Regional Minister of North Carolina, and Russell Peterman of Sandy Springs CC.
Pam & Sandra Barnhill, Regional Moderator
Clarice & Rebecca Clark of Central CC in Columbus
Michelle & Ruthie Weeks with Suzanne & Elyce Wages
Danny & Mary Michael Gulden, Troy Tatum, Jim Brooks, Stephanie McCormick
Darrell & Marsha Vandervort, Dean & Debbie Phelps, Gerald Demarest
Bill Chaney of the Rock Christian Church and daughter, Courtney
Carol Lavery and Cecillia Glosson
The Regional Staff and Marilyn Parks set up the display for Camps in the US.
Micheal Weeks working on Camp Display
Zena Registering for the Spirit Walk.
Pam and Zena walking for New Church Ministries.
Sue Baker and Kathy McDowell of Tucker, Atlanta First participating in the Spirit Walk.

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