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Miracle Day 99 Page 1
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Miracle Day 1999 - Page 1
On October 30th, 1999 Disciples from all over the Region gathered to refurbish El Aposento Alto Christian Church in Forest Park.

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mvc1-014f.jpg (54290 bytes) El Aposento Alto, front.
mvc1-013f.jpg (60095 bytes) and back view.
mvc1-002f.jpg (32111 bytes) Sign in started at 7am - it was still dark.
mvc1-004f.jpg (33338 bytes) Tool Checkin.
mvc1-006f.jpg (51584 bytes) Breakfast was served - can't work on an empty stomach.
mvc1-008f.jpg (39115 bytes) Regional Minister Tom Neal was pouring the Coffee.
mvc1-010f.jpg (59295 bytes) First task, unload the supplies.
mvc1-018f.jpg (63886 bytes) From lumber to handicapped signs.
mvc2-003f.jpg (46103 bytes) Then we gathered for Worship.
mvc2-001f.jpg (36950 bytes) Singing led by Monica Melendez.
mvc2-002f.jpg (37884 bytes) Prayer by El Aposento Alto's new pastor Ketty Santos. . .
mvc2-007f.jpg (41393 bytes) and by Tom Neal.
mvc2-008f.jpg (62343 bytes) More music!
mvc2-009f.jpg (48959 bytes) and Singing!

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