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Miracle Day 1999 - Page 2
On October 30th, 1999 Disciples from all over the Region gathered to refurbish El Aposento Alto Christian Church in Forest Park.

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mvc2-005f.jpg (56694 bytes) Considerable cleanup and work was done on the Parsonage.
mvc2-014f.jpg (30758 bytes) The front of the Sanctuary received a major facelift,
mvc2-015f.jpg (42498 bytes) Including moving a wall along with the air ducts,
mvc3-008f.jpg (35245 bytes) and part of the stage.
mvc3-007f.jpg (40448 bytes) A new sound control room was built at the back.
mvc2-016f.jpg (49054 bytes) The grounds received a LOT of work!
mvc3-002f.jpg (70418 bytes) Grass was dug out and islands created.
mvc2-017f.jpg (52716 bytes) Flowers were planted.
mvc3-005f.jpg (46068 bytes) The parking lot was cleaned of grass and dirt.
mvc3-004f.jpg (38731 bytes) And new lines were stripped.
mvc3-006f.jpg (41490 bytes) The outside woodwork was scraped
mvc3-001f.jpg (39347 bytes) and painted
mvc3-012f.jpg (33085 bytes) and painted.
mvc3-014f.jpg (36984 bytes) Blinds were cleaned
mvc2-012f.jpg (36409 bytes) as well as windows.
mvc3-009f.jpg (26100 bytes) The Nursery received a new coat of paint and floor to become the Pastors office.
mvc3-011f.jpg (41145 bytes) Food was cooked
mvc3-017f.jpg (42991 bytes) and served
mvc3-017f.jpg (42991 bytes) in large quantities
mvc3-018f.jpg (62955 bytes) to hungry workers.

mvc3-020f.jpg (33945 bytes)

The Whole Group!

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