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Regional Assembly of the Christian Church
In Georgia, November 9-10, 2001
First Christian Church, Tucker

Friday Afternoon - November 9
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The Host of the Assembly, First Christian Church, Tucker. ra01_446.jpg (77214 bytes)
ra01_447.jpg (93045 bytes) ra01_448.jpg (66657 bytes)
MVC-004S.JPG (21080 bytes) Tom Neal opens Clergy Lunch on Friday.
MVC-001S.JPG (45276 bytes) MVC-002S.JPG (30829 bytes)
MVC-003S.JPG (35732 bytes)
The Clergy Assembled. MVC-005S.JPG (48050 bytes)
Delegates began to gather. ra01_423.jpg (45691 bytes)
ra01_424.jpg (63055 bytes) ra01_425.jpg (57965 bytes)
ra01_427.jpg (76372 bytes) Cokesbury setup a bookstore display.
Tom Neal and Michael Weeks get their slide presentation ready. ra01_432.jpg (46850 bytes)
Registration ra01_435.jpg (45337 bytes)
Moderator Linda Whitmire opens the Business Session. ra01_436.jpg (59543 bytes)
ra01_437.jpg (66659 bytes) And the Assembly sings a hymn to warm up.
ra01_438.jpg (58148 bytes)
Tom Neal, Regional Minister brings the "State of the Church" Message. ra01_440.jpg (42653 bytes)
ra01_444.jpg (63905 bytes) ra01_445.jpg (48779 bytes)
ra01_449.jpg (27214 bytes) Michael Weeks reports on Camp, Youth and Young Adult programs.
Then calls on Sandra Barnhill, director of camp AIM High. ra01_451.jpg (57676 bytes)
ra01_464.jpg (29981 bytes) Sandra presents Michael a plaque of appreciation for the Region's sponsorship with Camp AIM High.
ra01_453.jpg (36369 bytes) Dean Phelps reports on Congregational Vitality.
Rev. Richard Woodard Administrator of Heartland Christian Community reports on progress there. ra01_455.jpg (37250 bytes)
ra01_457.jpg (25671 bytes) Pat Pepper reports on the Campbell Stone facility.
ra01_458.jpg (30503 bytes) John Richardson reports on the Sowing Seeds Campaign.
Bill Thompson gives the Treasurers Report. ra01_459.jpg (64576 bytes)
Tom Van Laningham, pastor of FCC of Atlanta tells us how to find Dinner! ra01_460.jpg (32727 bytes)
ra01_461.jpg (58629 bytes) The Business session closes.
ra01_465.jpg (37195 bytes) "This photo- grapher is really getting annoying Hal."
"I agree Gordon!"
ra01_466.jpg (60698 bytes) Discussing the days meeting.

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