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The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia

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Regional Assembly 2003
Saturday Morning

Peachtree Christian Church
November 14-17

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Zema McAdams cracked up the CWF breakfast with her "red hat" and purple shirt.

Jim Bell warms us up for morning worship

Passing the peace.

Moderator Sandra Barnhill opens the business session.

The Delegates in business session.

Dean Phelps and Roger Sizemore present the budget.

Zena McAdams and Michael Weeks deliver staff reports.

Zena thanks the outgoing Executive Committee.

The Bookstore is staffed by Bill Thompson.

The CWF of Peachtree sells Pecans.

There were many excellent workshops. Dr. Mike Simpson led "Just Because This Works, You Don't Have to Try It".

George Bennett and Sandra Barnhill led "Racism: A Candid Conversation Between Two Christians".

Brent Reynolds led "Faith and Football"

Jim Brooks led "Renewing the Mind of the Faith Community"

Jim Brooks led "Renewing the Mind of the Faith Community".

Dr. Tom Stephenson led "Christ's Healing Touch".

Patrick Chandler and Doug Job led "Disciples Unleashed for Worship"

Jim Bell led "Music in the Church"

Dr. Gerald Demarest led "Showing and Telling the Gospel thru Short-Term Mission Trips."

The YAC met with Michael Weeks.

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