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Youth Asm 2000
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Regional Youth Assembly
January 21-23, 2000

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cyf99e12.jpg (52506 bytes) Members of First Atlanta get ready to depart for a great weekend!
cyf99e01.jpg (61204 bytes) Melissa tries on like 7 outfits before finding the perfect match.
cyf99e02.jpg (34418 bytes) Will you hurry UP!
cyf99e03.jpg (39231 bytes) Mattress races started off Saturday.
cyf99e04.jpg (52683 bytes) It could be a scary ride!
cyf99e05.jpg (45968 bytes) Allison gets caught in a great pose.
cyf99e06.jpg (50723 bytes) Making Dream Catchers in Interest Group.
cyf99e10.jpg (55422 bytes) Doin' the Hand Jive!
ya05.jpg (32306 bytes) More Hand Jive.
cyf99e11.jpg (23974 bytes) Paul Svensen leads singing.
ya01.jpg (32059 bytes)
ya02.jpg (46016 bytes)
ya03.jpg (54231 bytes) Sing Out!
ya06.jpg (16701 bytes)
ya07.jpg (41597 bytes) College Students and Graduates tell us about the Colleges they have attended.
ya08.jpg (49926 bytes) Rev. Cynthia Hale and the group from Ray of Hope.
ya09.jpg (32699 bytes) Rev. Cynthia Hale gives the Chi Rho's a key note address.
ya11.jpg (29365 bytes) Our program on Racism.
ya10.jpg (25337 bytes)
ya24.jpg (54153 bytes)
cyf99e13.jpg (71764 bytes) A great time was had by all!

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