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Epworth by the Sea
January 17-19, 2003

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Julie Brown continued the Keynote with segments of The Breakfast Club and thoughts on classifying others.
Small groups provided great discussion.
During the day, groups could be caught playing hackysac.
Everyone quickly learned the simple dances to the songs . . .
or made up their own.
During Saturday worship, YAC performed a skit on breaking away from the Vine.
Saturday night was the dance.
Everone had a great time.
Michael Weeks.
YAC of 2002-2003 about to pass the torch.
The senior teen YAC members thanking the senior adult YAC members for their three years of service.
New YAC installation.
The New members and the assembly affirming each other.
Michael introducing and thanking Dave and Julie.
Each Church brought a banner which hung around the hall.
Julie singing as a part of her tag team sermon with Dave.
As a part of communion we took a card . . .
wrote our concerns for the week on it . . .
and placed it in the tray.

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