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Pastors Plus 2000
Youth Asm 2000
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Pastors Plus Retreat
May 1,2,3, 2000

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012_11a.jpg (25450 bytes) Pastors' Plus met at St. Simons Island
013_12a.jpg (21616 bytes) We were led by the Rev. John Wolfe, a United Methodist minister
014_13a.jpg (28466 bytes) And his wife, Linda, a former oncology chaplain
015_14a.jpg (23825 bytes) Del and Juanita Von Almen are regulars at Pastors Plus.  They are not
shy about being grandparents.
016_15a.jpg (27897 bytes) Al Dotson and John Wolfe enjoy shrimp boil provided by Campbell-Stone
Christian Centers
017_16a.jpg (20996 bytes) Chad and Rachelle Snellgrove led singing
018_17a.jpg (28848 bytes) Regional Moderator Linda Whitmire led worship
019_18a.jpg (24738 bytes) Linda Wolfe shared insights into grief recovery
020_19a.jpg (23369 bytes) Cups: Cluttered, empty, broken and waiting to be filled.
021_20a.jpg (19228 bytes) The communion cup was added the last day
022_21a.jpg (19086 bytes) Bread and wine; Christ poured out His life for all
023_22a.jpg (22253 bytes) Tom Neal and Al Dotson served us communion
024_23a.jpg (21306 bytes) We partake (Von Almens)
025_24a.jpg (20499 bytes) We partake (Billy Glosson)

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