Time to plan next year's spiritual and professional development!

Summertime is a great time to plan for personal and professional development. Check out these and other courses, including 9 online courses!

This program invites participants to the CTS campus to pursue a topic of their choice that engages a pressing theological issue of the church from a Reformed perspective. For more info and an application link, click here.
Applications will be accepted until July 25, 2017

Eco-Kayaking in the Bahamas – January 4-11, 2018
Join experienced outdoorsman and pastor Steve Harrington and professor-outdoorsman Mark Douglas for an eco-adventure to begin the new year.

Leadership in Ministry (LIM) Workshops Available in FOUR Locations!
Georgia, Massachusetts, West Virginia and Oregon: select a location and register for one of the five opportunities for LIM workshops in 2017-18.  For a full description of what LIM entails, and links to registration, click here.

New for 2017-18
Oct. 10-12, 2017
Yes, And: Improvisational Leadership in Times of Dizzying Change
Improvisation has been a mainstay in the arts for a long time, with business, academia, and the sciences now following suit. Why not the church? How can we effectively lead our congregations when “the way we’ve always done it” no longer serves us? Includes an optional improv session in Atlanta.

January 22-25, 2018
Reformations Then and Now
Reformations continue today. Explore Luther’s experience of the freedom of conscience in conversation with contemporary issues.

April 19-20, 2018
Christian Educator’s Think Tank
This “think tank” gathers innovative congregational Christian educators from various faith traditions to explore current challenges, ideals, and hopes for the work and ministry of faith education in congregations. Selected educators will present their thinking and experiences in the practice of Christian education in their context to introduce generative questions for discussion. 

April 30 – May 4, 2018
Creating, Equipping and Leading Communities of Just Practice,
More than ever before, communities need skills and strategies, resources and tools, to live together in ways that are authentically equitable, culturally diverse, racially just, and radically hospitable. Featuring Deborah F. Mullen, Fania E. Davis, Marcia Y Riggs.

Certificate Programs: Spiritual Formation, Older Adults, Camps/Conference Ministry
October 15-18, 2017
Texts of Terror
Certificate in Spiritual Formation
How do troubling texts inform your sense of God? This course will engage a ‘charitable’ interpretive approach to explore Biblical texts that challenge our theological and ethical understandings. With Ryan Bonfiglio. Montreat Conference Center.

Oct. 15-18 and 18-21:
Biblical and Theological Foundations and Program Design and Implementation. Two courses in the Compass Points Certificate program for camp/conference ministry.

February 1-4, 2018
Sacred Survival: Engaging African American Spirituality
In this course, we will engage lived-experiences, stories, songs and rituals, and trace questions of African American spirituality as a source of survival, healing and hope for oppressed communities.

April 16-20, 2018
Theological Reflections and Affirmations in Older Adulthood and Spiritual Formation and Older Adults.
Join us for one or both courses focusing on ministry with older adults.

Online Courses
Aug. 7 – Sept. 1, 2017
The Church: A System of Relationships
This course is an introduction to Bowen Family Systems Theory (BFST) applied to the congregational context and to congregational leadership.  Through guided discussions, reflecting on personal experience, and examining latent theological ideals of congregation, Church, and leadership, participants will gain a new understanding of their congregation and their leadership roles.

Sept. 11 – Oct. 6, 2017
Readings in Spiritual Classics
Reading selections from the writings of Thomas à Kempis, Julian of Norwich, Jonathan Edwards and Evelyn Underhill, students will reflect through online posts on what they have read. We will look at the historical development of Christian spirituality while asking how these writings encourage and challenge our own spiritual formation.
Oct. 16 – Nov. 17, 2017
Marriage and the 21st Century Church
Students in this course will explore the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of marriage and consider the how the 21st century church should respond to the realities of contemporary society. Topics include how the church has or has not been involved in marriage; what the Bible says (and doesn’t say) about marriage; contemporary expectations of marriage and the church’s response; and emerging inclusive marriage liturgies.
Nov. 6 – Dec. 1, 2017
Contemporary Readings in Youth Ministry and Christian Education
Review current topics and  trends that inform the practice of youth ministry and Christian education among the middle and high school crowd.
Registration 4-8 weeks prior to each course is encouraged, as pre-course preparation and reading may be required. Courses may be canceled or postponed if sufficient numbers of participants are not enrolled 3-6 weeks prior to the start date of the event.


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