Fig Tree Christian ChurchTo my Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Hello, my name is Pastor Melissa Fain. I am the minister of Fig Tree Christian. Fig Tree Christian is a new online congregation within the Christian Church, (Disciples of Christ). Having an online focus has created new and exciting means of communication. The church is the website. In this environment we envision ways the online community will do worship and service. One wouldn't merely record a worship and put it online. Instead, the clickable tabs become like stations where a congregant can participate in worship, in the order they wish. Each area of worship can be a unique expression of biblical understanding and relationship.

From behind the scenes we can see where the traffic is going. Imagine the webpage is our version of a physical building. Unlike a physical building where the leadership might have little to no idea which rooms are being utilized and which are mostly being passed over, Fig Tree knows exactly which tabs people are focusing their energy on. If a tab doesn't see much traffic we know we need to delete it, change it, or advertise why that tab is important. In that way, we can change our “building” in ways that express God's call. A physical building could cost up to a million dollars to change or 'delete' rooms. For Fig Tree Christian, it just cost a little time. The world wide web is our oyster.

The Good Samaritan Project is the outreach of Fig Tree Christian. Part of the mission of Fig Tree is to reconnect and recreate relationship. Therefore, outreach should meet the mission of the worshiping body. The Good Samaritan Project takes a $100 offering and asks a congregant to go out throughout the month, find a need and help the need. At the conclusion of the month the congregant reports back and shares how the need was met. The Good Samaritan Project is an outreach meant to help us not only help those who need help but discover who they are in the process. Heal the body through helping others and rebuilding relationship.

Being a new congregation and an internet congregation is exciting, but not always easy. A physical congregation still has certain traction in some areas. Offering is the big area where guests and congregants still give to the physical church when they visit or worship. On the internet, it works a little differently. People go online to find a free product. If they do give money they want something physical back in return. (This is why places like Kick Starter are so popular. A company or group want to get a project going and they offer a product to get the project kickstarted. Genius.) Online congregations cannot hope to be viable with just a 'give' option. We must also have a product to offer in return. Think of it like this: During the Medieval times, monks brewed beer and sold it to raise money for their monasteries. There are monasteries even today that sell wine, fruit, candy, and other goods in order to pay for their ministry. Online ministries must do the same. Over the next two months, Fig Tree Christian will open their online store as one of the means to fund the ministry.

The internet is the wild wild west and Fig Tree is blazing new trails for the future of ministry. Us, along with many other new church starts, both online and physically meeting, could use your help. One-Hundred percent of the Pentecost offering goes to help New Churches. Half will go back to your region to help new congregations near you. Half goes to the General Church to give training and general support to new congregations across the United States. As a minister in a new church start, I wish to say in advance, thank you. We can gain so much when we choose to work together.

Rev. Melissa Fain

Fig Tree Christian is a new congregation in formation in the Hiram Georgia area.  At the moment Fig Tree is an online congregation at the web address

Fig Tree Christian Church started meeting physically on July 9, 2016 at 2:00pm at First Christian Church Marietta.

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Rev. Melissa Fain
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