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The General Conference of Disciples Men is the formal organization of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada, ministering to the unique needs of men in the church, enabling them to fulfill their potential as servants of God, strengthening the total ministry of the church.

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Men's Retreat 2016

Rev. Dr. Stan Sauders talked about A Dwelling Place for God: "The Forgotten Story of Creation in the New Testament" including concepts of Heaven and Earth together as creation and why being good stewards of the earth is important in scripture.  The retreat was held on April 15-17, 2016 at Christmount Christian Assembly in N.C.


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Disciples Men "Sessions"
July 8-10, 2016
(Note Date Change)
Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth, TX

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First Christian Church Griffin

The men of First Christian Church, Griffin, sponsored a Sunday dinner to benefit Camp Christian.  Larry Conner cooked the barbecue and the rest of the men furnished the remainder of the meal.  The dinner raised $625 to be donated to Camp Christian. (The food was good, too.)  Click on a picture below for a larger version.

Johns Creek Christian Church Menís group

The JCCC Menís has partner with the IMPACT Group. The Menís group have started a tool pantry for families involved in their housing program we have asked our men and members of the church to bring lawn tools which will help a new family in their new home provided by The IMPACT Group.

Years ago our church introduced a program in support of North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC) that we affectionately call "DAWGS" or Dollar A Week Grocery Savings. With our members and participants contributing just a dollar a week, we have been able to purchase thousands of canned goods which have been donated to NFCC and distributed at Thanksgiving to qualified needy families. It is that time of year again when we are soliciting your help. Please consider giving your "dollar a week" offering towards this important ministry. We will be purchasing our canned goods on Thursday, November 20th, so please give generously.

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Milton Summerall Milton Summerall Endowment
The Disciples Men Commission of Georgia is pleased to announce the establishment of an Endowment in the Name of Milton Summerall.  more


Layman of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards

Disciples Men present two awards each year, the Layman of the Year Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.  Click on the appropriate link below to learn more about these awards and nominate someone you believe is deserving.

Layman of the Year
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To view past winners, click HERE.

Lifetime Achievement Award
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To view past winners, click HERE.

Past Events

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Why Attend Regional Men's Events?

  1. We should spread the word to others that God is working through men.
  2. Shared experiences help you and others.
  3. We can work together for a greater good in mission ventures.
  4. We can benefit, grow and discover a better picture of the church as Jesus intended.
  5. We can share Spiritual fellowship -- we are kindred spirits.
  6. We see that we are not alone and that others go through the same things in this life.
  7. Our gatherings reinforce who we are as Disciples and that the church is global, not limited.
  8. We have greater opportunity to hear new insight from speakers from the wider church.
  9. We can tackle larger service projects as a region than a single congregation can do.
  10. Physical fellowship -- being with likeminded believers in a ministry of presence.
  11. We are meant to gather -- Jesus sent his Disciples out in groups, not alone.
  12. We share an abundant and overflowing outpouring of Christian love among the men.
  13. To be a greater witness to the joy of salvation in Christ.
  14. A benefit -- "as iron sharpens iron, so to does one man another"
  15. So you can meet more folks you'll spend eternity with.
  16. Because God is worshipped and you can experience that worship through music, singing and prayer from a uniquely male perspective and atmosphere.
  17. To stay informed about the joys, needs and concerns of the wider church.
  18. Somebody there may need your help.
  19. Somebody there may be your help.
    And last but not least,
  20. A verse -- " Forsake not the assembling of yourselves" for Christ's sake.

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