Foreverfamily, Inc.  (formerly Aid to Children of Imprisoned Mothers, Inc. or AIM) works to ensure that, no matter what the circumstances, all children have the opportunity to be surrounded by the love of family. The organization focuses efforts on some of the most marginalized children in our society—those with an incarcerated parent or parents—and support them as they, their parents, caregivers and extended families work to remain a family.

Sandra BarnhillForeverfamily began in 1987 when Executive Director/CEO, Sandra Barnhill, (Past moderator of the Christian Church in Georgia) left her job as a public interest lawyer after becoming frustrated by the lack of support given to mothers sentenced to prison, not to mention the children and families left behind.  The organization she founded to address this need was originally known as Aid to Imprisoned Mothers, or AIM. The initial programmatic focus was providing information directly to imprisoned mothers, and the organization published two handbooks on parenting and the criminal justice system for them.  But the more Foreverfamily worked with mothers, the more they heard “If you want to help me, help my children.”  Taking on that challenge, Foreverfamily began by expanding their programs to include meeting the unique needs of their children.

Since Foreverfamily's inception as AIM in 1987, the Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF) in Georgia has been supportive.  If you have questions or need more information:

E-mail: Sandra Barnhill at:
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  • Worship Guide - In honor of their 25th anniversary, is proud to release its Worship Resource Guide. Written by Howard University School of Divinity professor Reverend Dr. Dean Trulear, this worship resource is designed to assist clergy and lay leaders in planning and executing worship services that recognize God’s care for the incarcerated and their families.  PDF

  • Foreverfamily GIFT & UPLIFT - Each year, Foreverfamily holds a Gift drive to provide Christmas for 100 children and teens in their program.  Learn more: more

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