DW LogoThe main reason that I joined is Disciples Women - Mama made me.  Now, this wasn't my real mother, since she lives 2 hours away.  This "mama" was my original "church mama".  I now have about a dozen of these wonderful ladies.  I had attended various special services before joining Central Christian Church in Augusta.   I had even attended some special Disciples Women events such as the annual Christmas Cookie Swap.  So I really wasn't given a choice about joining.  It wasn't a question of if I would join but when.  There isn't a young group at our church (meaning one with most members under age 40) so I became the "baby" of the group and acquired all of my "mamas".  The members who aren't quite old enough to be my mother are a lot like big sisters.  Through this special group of women, I am loved, supported, nurtured and occasionally scolded.  I believe this is the essence of Disciples Women - to provide the women of the church with the love and support to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and to show how the love of Jesus Christ enriches all people.

All Disciples Women groups are different.  Each church has its own view of Disciples Women and even within a church the individual groups may differ.  The groups at my church are certainly very different. One group meets during the day at the church because none of the ladies work and it is more convenient.  One group has a complete dinner at each meeting while another only serves dessert. These differences aren't important because each group meets the needs of their members while still functioning as a whole.

Attracting new members is always a problem.  New church members may be uneasy about entering an already established group and the young women of the church often view Disciples Women as something the "old ladies" do.  But again a group should reflect the needs and tastes of the members.  Starting a new group can seem like a daunting task but it shouldn't be. All you need are 3 or more women with something in common even if that something is just that they aren't already involved.  Obviously the main focus of a Disciple Women group is Jesus Christ and his ministry, but a secondary focus can be anything the members want it to be.  There are reading groups, craft groups, exercise groups, sewing groups, and service groups.  Meetings should also be tailored to fit the individual needs of the members.  Childcare can be provided for mothers of young children if necessary.  Meetings can be held at the church or in homes or at a restaurant or wherever is convenient.

It is imperative that we encourage our women to branch out and pioneer new groups.  These groups along with the existing ones can serve as focal points for the church, serving the needs of the women involved as well as the needs of the community.

Christian Women's Fellowship is an integral part of the Christian Church.  Working together the women of this region have accomplished wonderful things in the past.  We support AIM (Aid for children of Imprisoned Mothers), Basic Mission Finance, Miracle Day, Camp Christian (camp scholarships) and too many other worthwhile projects to list here.  And together, we can continue to grow and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.  That is the most basic reason to join Disciples Women - to spread the Word of the Lord and show His love and mercy to those who don't know Him yet.  I joined Disciples Women because "Mama made me" but I stay in Disciple Women because I love it.  Join us now and discover the joy of fellowship in Christ with the wonderful women of the Georgia region.

Karen Boyd
East Central District Coordinator
Central Christian Church

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