Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia
Young Adult Questionnaire

Information compiled from this survey will be used to plan future programs and initiatives for young adults in Georgia.

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1. How would you describe your connection with the church through the years of your life?

2. What kind of connection do you think a typical young adult (age 18-25) has with the church?

3. How has your involvement with the church or a campus ministry changed since you left high school or your youth group?

has grown significantly
decreased somewhat
stayed about the same
become somewhat stronger
decreased significantly

Any thoughts about how your interaction with the church has changed?


If you are attending a congregation, do they have a young adult ministry program? Please describe.

4. What activities or components would you like to see in a regional young adult program?
connections with other young adults
group worship
connections with a congregation
newsletter or way of being connected
tools to explore spiritual possibilities
prayer partners
informed about the region
find intimacy and friendships
service work
work through spiritual/social
mission trips
discussion of intellectual issues
feel a part of a formed identity
5. What special interests do you have in helping create a young adult program?

6. What as a young adult do you feel we can offer to the church community?

Thanks for filling out the survey!

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