logo2000 Regional Youth Assembly

of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia
January 21-23, 2000
Epworth-by-the-Sea,  St. Simon's Island, Georgia

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The 2000 Regional Youth Assembly was awesome.  Be sure to click on the pictures below to see a larger version.

The Keynote speakers were great. For Keynote they broke the group into two groups, Chi Rho and CYF. The Chi Rho speaker, Cynthia HaleCynthia Hale, talked about choices. She told us about how many of our friends can lead us to make bad choices. She also told us that people will tell you anything to get you to do what they want. In Joshua 9:1-15, Joshua and his people come upon some "travelers." The "travelers" are actually people of Gibeon coming to fight Joshua and Israel. They robed themselves in rags and provisioned themselves with dry and moldy bread. To convince Joshua of their long travel, they had Joshua taste their provisions. So when Joshua saw and tasted the oldness of the provisions he made a covenant with them without talking to God. If Joshua had listened to God, he would not have made a covenant with an enemy. The Gibeons told Joshua exactly what he wanted to hear.

Paul SvensenDuring group time Paul Svensen lead the group in songs. The songs ranged from "Big, Big House" to "Amazing Grace." We were also blessed to have Ray of Hope Christian Church youth choir performing at the assembly. After the dance on Saturday, they put on a wonderful concert and during Sunday worship they did a dance routine. Thank you Ray of Hope!

Group DiscussionThere was a spirited discussion during the group program on racism. In a group of over four hundred young adults you have many opinions. The discussion leader put up four scenarios of racism and discussion was very enlightening.

On the last night, the leaders gave us some free time. Many groups went back to the cabins to talk. I went with a group of friends to have a small prayer circle. Sitting on the end of a freezing pier, we went around the circle and each person lifted up a prayer. Half of the group drifted off after that, but many of us stayed and sang songs till it was time to go to bed.

Epworth is a very moving time. I would encourage any and everyone to come next year. "HOW DO YOU FEEL!?!" "WE FEEL GOOD! OHH WE FEEL SO GOOD!"

Allison Ray
8th Grade
First Christian Church in Tucker

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