"Raise The Roof"

January 19-21, 2001
Epworth-by-the-Sea,  St. Simon's Island, Georgia

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logoEveryone from Blonde Haired Preps to Red Haired Punks showed up for Epworth this year. I donít know the exact number, but it was a pretty big turn out. We certainly Raised The Roof on Strickland with our singing and jubilation.

I donít know about the Chi-Rho speaker, but Terry Ewing from Eureka College was fantastic! We talked about the bible verse when the men lowered the paralytic down to Jesus because the house was so crowded. Terry taught us to expect the unexpected and a Click for a larger picturelittle Ty Chi (I canít spell!) during his keynote. He broke dishes and mirrors, he threw stars and back scratchers and paper at us, and he even got us to sing and meditate. I feel its also appropriate to thank the men from Eureka College who brought balls, clickers, poppers, bracelets, and bubbles for up to play with.

But Epworth isnít only keynotes. We had Mission Fest where we wrote letters to missionaries, people at Campbell-Stone, and decorated lunch bags for Open Hands.

Click to see a bigger picture!YAC created a wonderfully fun time for Organized Chaos, where we got to play on a Tot-Tanic, Gladiator, and Bungee Run (Ask your local Youth to find out what it was exactly, Iím sure theyíd love to tell you about their time). After Organized Chaos there was lunch and three hours of free time. For free time a youth group could go to the mall or the beach front/pier, some groups even stayed at Epworth to hang out.

Click to see a bigger picture!Group Gathering was when we got together in Strickland to sing with Paul Svensen and hear announcements. This year we had a Back Home Group. This was cool because it was 45 minutes where each youth group got to get back together, some for the first time that weekend. Another new thing this year was a concert. The band was Memory Dean and it was really nice of them to come play for us. We then had a small worship service and stumbled into bed around 12.

Click to see a larger picture!Breakfast started around 7 Sunday morning and the food this year was actually pretty good. Eggs and waffles for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and chicken for dinner. Donít worry momís they had veggies and salads too!  But after breakfast we headed back to our cabins to pack and start to say good-bye. At 9 we had a keynote wrap up and then a worship service. Lunch began at noon and then everyone stared to trickle out.

Thank you YAC and everyone who helped make this weekend possible! I hope my article encourages many new youth to come next year and the old ones to return.

Love and Godís Grace,
Allison Ray
First Christian Church Tucker

by Allison Ray

Blonde Haired Preps and Red Haired Punks
Crashing Dishes and Smashing Mirrors
Singing Loud and Dancing Fast
Staying Up Late and Getting Up Early
Being Cold and Warming Up
Hanging Out and Laying Down
Meditation and Listening
Breathing Jubilation and Concentrating Bubbles
Tiny Cabins and Big Faith
Epworth Memories and Friends Forever!

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