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January 18 - 20, 2002

Because everyone is "Called" by God

Read what some of those who attended had to say!:

Epworth this year was a great and enlightening experience for me. I had a lot of fun being on YAC and helping to lead the youth of our state. The keynoters went above and beyond to help the kids this year understand the meaning of being "Called." The activities went smoothly and just as planned so I have to thank the kids and all the adult sponsors for their wonderful job in making this weekend successful. I feel much closer to God after this weekend and look forward to next year. God bless all of you.
Harrison Simmons

The Youth Assembly at Epworth this year was one of the greatest that has ever been held at St. Simon's. I was glad to work with the people whom I did and to see the smiles on everyone's face at the dance. The keynotes gave all of us really good feelings. I have received many comments from friends wishing that Epworth would come quicker. I can't do anything about that, but as a member of the Youth Activity Council I will talk with the group about making it a longer weekend next year. I know we are all looking forward to getting back together in January of 2003.
Jerriod Grizzle

Epworth, Wow what an experience! The planning with a new team of leaders was the first challenge. We all came from different directions and bonded as well to make an outstanding product! The weekend can't be forgotten simply because of the beautiful weather! I have been going to Epworth for a number of years and not one year has it been dry and sunny. What a blessing!!!! The main thing I discovered this weekend through keynotes, small groups, and just fellowship is that no matter what race, gender, or color you are you still have a place in this world and God already knows what it is! You have to put your faith in him and trust him to let God place you where you belong. I also discovered that everyone worships in different manners and a new one for me is just to say his name..."Jesus"... Just that simple word is so powerful. Thank you to everyone who was involved! It was my last year as a camper so this is my farewell. I love yall!
Laura Elliot

Wow... Epworth was a great success. I think that YAC was good for everyone, me included. It helped me with my spiritual journey. I become closer to God and expanded on relationships with others. The people on YAC are some of the most amazing people I've ever met; the ability each and every person has to work together through Christ is incredible. I honestly can say I went into YAC intimidated and a little hesitant and I came out finding it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I made so many new friends and I am a different person because of the impact they had on my life.

Epworth in itself was a blast. I thought it ran very smoothly with great leadership. The theme was awesome and I think it brought home to many people especially those planning their future after high school and thinking how God has "called" them. The keynoters were fantastic and the concert and the dance were very enjoyable to everyone I've asked.

The people on YAC, are an amazing group to work with... we couldn't have done it without every single one of you. I want to thank all of yall for making my Epworth experience one that will be unforgettable. I look forward to Epworth next year and the best of luck to those on YAC.
Love always, Melanie Watts

Wow. What a weekend. I must admit, itís amazing how much energy you have with only having 10 hours of sleep the entire weekend! For me, my favorite parts of Epworth were just things like sitting and talking with people and getting to know them better. It is amazing how many people you can befriend just by sitting and having a conversation with them. Things like sitting and talking with other YAC members in the slide, and just saying hey to people I don't know in Strickland and starting a conversation made my weekend.

Another great thing about Epworth was YAC itself. It is amazing how 10 or 12 people who do not even know each other can pull something so big off like Epworth in only 4 meetings! I made many friendships in YAC and I look forward to getting to know the new YAC.

Epworth is a huge thing for me because, coming from a very small town, I get to see many people that I have met before and I get to meet new people. When growing up in a small town, you know everyone and everyone knows you way too well. At Epworth, you always see someone new. I always look forward to this experience every year and I look at my Epworth pictures every day so I can relive my memory.........


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