“One Spirit of Love”
1 Corinthians 12:4-28

This year we asked folks to send us their digital photos of the Youth Assembly.

Almost 400 youth and adults gathered for Youth-A-Palooza.  They learned about the different ways to serve their congregations and communities by using the gifts God gave each of them.  They talked about being the church of today and finding ways to use their gifts to make the world a better place right now.  Rev. Suzanne Cole Wages and storyteller Tracy Radosevic brought the message that God’s One Spirit of Love selected each of them to receive these gifts and that all the gifts work together to make strong congregations and communities.

The Youth Activity Council did a great job planning our event.  They deserve our thanks.  We also need to thank all the adult sponsors and pastors who worked so hard to make sure that all our youth could participate in this spirit filled weekend.  Our thanks are also extended to Paul Svenson for leading our singing and to “Soulfire” from Marietta, First Christian Church for their music.

If you are a youth or know of one that has never been to this event, please be encouraged to put next year’s date on the calendar.  You will enjoy our singing, worship, recreation, island sight-seeing, small group time, and recreation.

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