Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia Regional Youth Assembly

The Theme for the January 6-8, 2012 assembly at Epworth By the Sea on St. Simons Island was:

Faith Without Limits

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Our keynoters were: Jimmy Spencer and Rob McRight, two dynamic speakers and leaders of youth.

Jimmy Spencer Jr.Jimmy Spencer Jr is the Cofounder and CEO of Love Without Agenda a growing coalition of people, businesses and non-profits committed to collaborating in the serving and loving others. He is also CoFounder of The Shema House, a community home in Chicago that is a safe home for young people and distributes food, goods and hope.

His message is simple. Serving others will change you-if you can do it without agenda! He believes that doing good is the path to a whole human experience. He believes that serving others without agenda stands in stark contrast to the growing global consumer culture. He is a voice calling out for a shift in personal expectations.  He does this thru the power of storytelling, laughter, transparency and passion.

He's perpetually single, traveling and consumed by his work. He's a former University of Missouri athlete. He likes to eat out and walks along Lake Michigan as a refuge from stress. He's a Red Letter Christian. He's fan of Cash, Kanye and The Killers. But most of all, he loves to equip and work alongside people who work hard to build a better future.

Rob McRightRob McRight was born and raised in Raleigh, N.C. where he grew up in a Disciples church and spent as much time at a camp as he possibly could. Rob attended N.C. State University for undergrad and completed graduate degrees in both Law and Divinity at Vanderbilt University. Rob served as a member of the GYC, a Peace Intern, a staff counselor and a youth sponsor for several churches in North Carolina and Tennessee. Rob currently serves the United States Navy as a JAG officer in Jacksonville, Florida.
Rob is currently attending First Christian Church of the Beaches. He enjoys strong coffee and weak jokes. He has a keen interest in ferrets, zoos, and pecan pie. His pet peeves include toll roads, UNC, and biblical references to Revelations. His hobbies include reading halfway through books on the beach, putting bins out the day after recycling day, hijinx, tomfoolery, and general buffoonery.

Download "Boundless!" the original song written by Paul B. Svenson for the Assembly and featured in the video below.
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