Youth Activities Council

Servant Leadership is the Goal

What is Georgia's Youth Activity Council?

LogoThe Youth Activity Council creates and implements youth ministries, including the annual youth assembly, and fosters and supports programs to develop the full potential of youth as they participate in the congregational, district, regional and general levels of the church. The council additionally helps to nurture connections between congregations sharing ideas and fostering cooperation on a variety of youth ministries across our region.

The Council is composed of Adults and Youth selected to represent their congregations in the planning and leading of Regional Youth Events of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia. One youth representative is selected by each congregation that wishes to participate.  Adults are appointed by the Christian Education Commission. The adults and youth serve as participants in the planning and implementing of regional youth ministries.

If you want to learn how your congregation can get involved download and print the forms below. Take them to your youth sponsor or pastor. These forms will give you the guidance you need to select a youth for membership in YAC. We look forward to your congregations participation.

YAC Forms (Full Set): in Adobe PDF Format

Statement of Purpose

To create programs of ministry for and by youth for the region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia.

To plan and execute an annual assembly for CYF and Chi-Rho.

To foster and support active youth ministries at the district and regional levels.

To work with the Christian Education Commission on promoting a growth camp and conference program.

To work with the Leader Development Committee of the Christian Education Commission in developing the leadership potential of youth and adults by providing training opportunities.

What Do You Need To Do?

Designate one person from your church to serve on YAC each year.

  1. Elect or appoint one member of your church or group to be a member of YAC. This person must be a member of your congregation and may be in the eighth-twelfth grades.
  2. Your YAC member must submit the information form with your signature certifying their selection as your representative.
  3. They will serve on the council for one year and will be asked to participate in a Friday-Sunday planning retreat early in the fall, two one day meetings during the year, a Thursday-Friday retreat just prior to Youth Assembly, and Youth Assembly. We ask that they participate in at least 50% of these planned meetings and retreats in order to be a full part of this ministry.
  4. You will need to decide if you wish to allow youth to have back to back election to YAC. That is up to the individual congregation. We would be happy to work with different youth each year or have some returning and some new.
  5. Please forward these forms to the Regional Office by December 1, each year so that all new members of YAC can be recognized at Worship on Sunday morning during Regional Youth Assembly at Epworth By the Sea.
  6. Adults will continue to be appointed by the Christian Education Commission to work with YAC. If you would like to suggest an adult to help facilitate the ministry of YAC please forward that name to Jackie Byrd or Carrie Norris

If you have any questions about YAC direct them to Jackie Byrd or Carrie Norris at

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