Layman of the Year, David Nance
Central Christian Church
Submitted by Glenna With

On Sunday, January 8, 2017, David Nance of Central Christian Church of Columbus, Georgia was awarded the prestigious Layman of the Year Award by the Georgia Disciples Menís Commission.  In a ceremony during the worship service, President Jimmy Walker stated the qualifications for consideration as Layman of the Year, (LOY).

  1.  He must be nominated by his local church.
  2.  He must be an active member of the menís group at the church, upholding the principles of Disciple Men.
  3.  He must participate in regional activities, preferably, but not limited to Disciples Men functions of the Christian Church in Georgia.
  4.  He must have demonstrated stewardship of time and talent through volunteer work in the local church.
  5.  He must possess an exemplary character that serves as a model for youth.

The award is given annually, and David Nance is the twenty-fifth recipient of the LOY since the presentations began in 1991.  Rev. Gregg Runnion of Central Christian Church wrote of Davidís ministry efforts.  Rev. Runnion said that David began lay ministry as a Deacon and later was asked to become an Elder of the Congregation, and he has taught Sunday school in the ABC class, Disciples class, Youth class, held a Menís Bible study as well as taught in VBS.  He fills the pulpit occasionally and regularly gives the childrenís sermon, and often David can be found working tirelessly on the church grounds; mowing, trimming bushes, and maintaining all around grounds beautification.

He loves children and he erected the childrenís playground set, drives the church van for Sunday School, as well as driving for preschool field trips. He cooks pancakes and waffles for childrenís Sunday School, and he is always the first one at church.  David makes visits to the nursing homes and the elderly who canít come to church, and he also takes them communion.  He visits people in the hospital and also has been available to families during crisis situations as well as during the passing of a loved one.  ďCoach DavidĒ leads the Jump Bunch at preschool and teaches the kids the importance of staying active and fit.  He leads prayer at special events for the preschool and gives the invocation.  David is the oldest member of Cross Fit. He leads prayer and gives the invocation at their special athletic events. David has befriended many young service men in the area and offers his testimony to them and encourages them during the difficult times that they might be experiencing. Davidís patients at his pharmacy also benefit from his faithful testimony, and he consistently lives out his Christian faith each and every day.  He has had prayer with many patients and always invites them to attend church.

In this most fitting tribute, Rev. Runnion concluded his nominating letter by saying that David is a true example that all men should aspire to; he is a true man after Godís own heart.  David Nance was joined by numerous family members who were able to keep the secret of his award from him, and it was also Davidís birthday, which was celebrated by all in attendance.  A celebration meal was held after worship, which honored David.

Those Menís Commission members in attendance were:  Jimmy Walker, President, Medie Still, Past President, Will Perdue, Secretary/Treasurer, Mike Bodnar, Southeast Menís Representative, Roger With, West Central Menís Representative, and Denise Bell, Georgia Regional Minister. Rev. Steve Womack is the Senior Minister of Central Christian Church.

LOY Presentation

President Jimmy Walker (right) presenting the LOY Plaque to David Nance, of Central Christian Church

LOY Presentation

Members of the Menís Commission and Rev. Denise Bell celebrated with David Nance, the 2017 LOY Recipient, Front row:  Will Perdue, Rev. Denise Bell, Mike Bodnar, David Nance, Jimmy Walker, Rev. Gregg Runnion  Back Row:  Medie Still, Roger With, and Rev. Steve Womack.

Mr. and Mrs. David Nance

Mr. and Mrs. David Nance

Members of the Menís Commission and family members were present to honor LOY David Nance.


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