Layman of the Year, Steve Willard
Central Christian Church of Augusta
Submitted by Glenna With

On Sunday, January 14, 2018, Steve Willard of Central Christian Church of Augusta, Georgia was awarded the prestigious Layman of the Year Award by the Christian Menís Fellowship Board.  In a ceremony during the worship service, President Roger With stated the qualifications for consideration as Layman of the Year, (LOY).

  1.  He must be nominated by his local church.
  2.  He must be an active member of the menís group at the church, upholding the principles of Disciple Men.
  3.  He must participate in regional activities, preferably, but not limited to Disciples Men functions of the Christian Church in Georgia.
  4.  He must have demonstrated stewardship of time and talent through volunteer work in the local church.
  5.  He must possess an exemplary character that serves as a model for youth.

Roger With awarded the commemorative plaque to Steve, and members of the Menís Commission were present to celebrate his award:  Medie Still, Mike Bodnar, Dr. Jay White, John Anderson, and Will Perdue. The award is given annually, and Steve Willard is the twenty-seventh recipient of the LOY since the presentations began in 1991.  John Anderson, Menís Commission Representative of Central Christian Church, Augusta, nominated Steve and wrote of Steveís contributions to his church. Steve Willard is currently an active member of the Menís Group at Central.  He has also served as the Chairman of the Elders, and he is an active choir member. 

Steve has taught Sunday School, and has served as a past Chairman of the Board.  In past years, Steve has attended the Regional Assembly, and he has been a past member of the Menís Commission.  Furthermore, he was very active in renovating Camp Christian on the Menís Regional Workdays.

Within the Augusta community, Steve is a member of the board of Gap,      and he participates in operating their food pantry and Sunday evening services.  He is also an active participant when the youth of the community and church have their weekend retreats.

When people are asked about Steve, the words that describe his character are:  father, leader of the church, and one who helps those in need.  John Anderson said, ďSteve is serving the Lord through his musical talent, and he is filled with compassion for those who need the Lord in their life.  He is a leader of the church and many people would not be in attendance at Central Christian Church, Augusta, if it were not for Steve Willard.  Steve is a strong church leader.Ē

If any reader would like to nominate a member of a congregation for this prestigious award, the guidelines and a submission form are provided on the Layman of the Year page.  Nominations must be submitted by November 1 of the calendar year.

Layman of the Year, 2018, Steve Willard and President of the Menís Commission, Roger With

John Anderson, Rev. Stephen Croft, Recipient Steve Willard, and Roger With

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