N.W. District  Disciples Men Fall Rally

Rev. Michael Zhu inspired the men of the N.W. District on Saturday, October 14, 2006 with a thought provoking message on Mathew 5:5 "Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth."

With about 30 men present, Joe Burchfield of host congregation Peachtree Corners Christian (PCC), began the rally with an wonderful selection of contemporary Christian music.  Following an opening prayer by PCC's interim pastor Tom Money, Will Purdue welcomed everyone and led a "JESUS" cheer. 

Next Rev. Michael Weeks, Associate Regional Minister, brought everyone up to date on events around the region.  Michael pointed out that we have many open pulpits in the region but that we also had more Disciples students in seminary than we've had in many years.  He also reported that Cherry Log Christian has begun construction on a new location and three congregations around the state are considering affiliating with the Disciples.  Michael also announced that three months of Camp Christian have been adopted; one month by Sandy Springs Christian, one month by the Clergy of Georgia and one month by the Regional Board.

Eddie Trumble then warmed up the group for Rev. Zhu by leading the men in five hymns.

Rev. Michael ZhuRev. Michael Zhu, pastor of the First Chinese Christian Church of Atlanta brought the Keynote message.  Michael pointed out that society leads men to believe that they must be powerful.  He also explained that the constant flow of death and war from the media causes our hearts to harden into stone.  "But God", Michael pointed out, "can carry out a spiritual transplant and give us a heart of flesh and blood."  When our heart is not hard, we can learn to cry.  Crying happens when we are touched by the holy spirit or when we are touched by tragedy or hardship.

Jesus was meek, but he was not weak and he was not afraid to cry.  Michael concluded by pointing out that a meek man surrenders to the holy spirit and never abuses the power that God puts in his hands.

The rally concluded with an excellent bar-b-q lunch from Dreamland.

Thanks to Will Purdue and Peachtree Corners Christian Church for an excellent Rally!

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