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March 20 - 22, 2009

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The program, "Leadership Lessons from the Table" was presented by Dr. Glenn Carson, former president, Disciples of Christ Historical Society, Nashville Tennessee.
Glenn Carson
Dr. Glenn Carson A.S., B.F.A., M.Div., Ph.D..  After a successful career in broadcasting and theatre, Glenn sensed the call of God’s Spirit for a vocation in the Church. Building on an education in history and theatre arts in Georgia colleges, he spent several years at Southwestern Seminary in Texas for in-depth study of theology and Christian history. With additional study at Brite Divinity School and St. Joseph’s College, Glenn was prepared for pastoral ministry in congregations and on college campuses. He has also served on college and seminary faculties, held denominational assignments, and rounded out his experience with work in corporations and business ventures.

“The Historical Society,” Glenn says, “is my heartbeat. I believe our mission is one of the most vital in all of Christendom.”

Glenn is married to Leslie and they live with their son, Will, in Nashville.

Friday Night - March 20, 2009

A beautiful sunny day greeted the men who arrived Friday afternoon for the 2009 Georgia Disciples of Christ Men's Retreat at Camp Christian Conference Center.  It was so nice outside that, after registering, the men gathered and talked outside while waiting for dinner.  A few were seen shooting baskets, using the paddle boats on the lake or just sitting on the swings contemplating nature.
For the quick of hand, there were a couple of ping pong games going on inside Lavery Hall.

Dinner consisted of lasagna, salad, Italian bread and cherry cobbler for desert.  After dinner the men moved to Peachtree Lodge for the evening program.  After president John Anderson took care of housekeeping announcements, Bob Grant got us up and singing as always with the accompaniment of Jeff Johnson who did a great job as a last minute substitute.  Joe Austin made a great fire in the fireplace to keep us warm - so warm that Bob had to move a little further away while he led he singing.

After we were warmed up, John Anderson introduced our speaker for the weekend Dr. Glenn Carson. 
Glen began his series of Sessions on "Leadership Lessons from the Table" by talking about "Gaining Access" to the Kingdom of God.  Working from John 3:1-21, Glenn talked about Nicodemus as "the man in the night" who, like many of the Disciples, just didn't get it.  Jesus taught just one thing, Glenn said, and that was the Kingdom of God.  Jesus said, in John 3:3 that we can "see" the Kingdom, which Glenn explained makes it a real, tangible place.  To gain entry into the Kingdom we have to be born of water and spirit.  Then we can live in the light by following the rules laid down by the King.

After the program, we held the traditional Friday night Ice Cream Social followed by Vespers by the lake led by John Anderson.

Saturday Morning - March 21, 2009

Saturday morning was another excellent day at Camp Christian - but it was a bit cold as evidenced by the mist rising off the lake.  Breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage and grits filled everyone for the day ahead.  Yes that really is the Webmaster in that photo at right - he who is usually behind the camera did get caught for one photo.

Bob and Jeff started the morning session off with song as usual.  It is traditional for the recipient of the Layman of the Year to give the vespers on Saturday morning.  Walter White, in his Vespers, told how the Lord prepared Gideon for a task that Gideon didn't think he was ready to do.  Men should use Gideon as an example to step outside our comfort zones and serve the lord, knowing he will help us even when we don't think we are prepared for leadership.

Glenn's session for the morning used Luke 22:14-23 to understand what it means to have a "Seat at the Table".  He invites ALL to the table.  Glenn also pointed out that Jesus was in charge and had a DEFINITE plan.  As his ministry progressed he became more and more focused on Jerusalem and the Cross.  As leaders we must set an example, look to God for the plan, give clear instructions and allow discussion, just as Jesus did at the last supper.

Men Cookin' logo.Following small group discussions where the men discussed the morning presentation, president John Anderson convened the business session.  John explained the Pancake Grant that was awarded to the Men of Georgia to refurbish the floors in the camp bath house and dining hall.  Archie Jenkins showed a DVD to explain how the old International Day of Pancakes is now becoming "Cookin' for Mission" and will assist numerous missions around the country.

Rev. Ray Miles, Regional Minister then gave a report on the work of the region, pointing to the number of congregations who have filled their pulpits recently, the number of pastors and leaders who are in training in Georgia, the anti-racism / reconciliation work of the region and several recent mission trips to help the region become an internationally aware church.  The mission trips included Ray's trip to The Dominican Republic and Haiti and several members People to People Pilgrimage to India.

Rev. Michael Weeks then reported (with the help of his daughter Ruthie) on the Outdoor Ministries of the Christian Church in Georgia, the work planned for upcoming workdays and features of camp such as the new "Challenge Course".

After lunch the men had several options for the afternoon.  Some went to a nearby course to play a round of Golf.  Some tried their hand at fishing.  Others worked on two projects at camp: Mounting a collection of Camp T-Shirts in new frames for display in the dining hall and Staining baseboards that will be used in the dining hall once the floor is reconditioned.

After dinner, the first order of business was the installation of new officers for The Disciples Men of Georgia by Rev. Miles.  The officers included Will Perdue, President; John Anderson, Past President; Medie Still, Secretary/Treasurer; Bob Grant, President Elect.  New President Will Perdue then led the men in a rousing chant of "Jesus Loves Me" to the cadence of "I don't know but I've been told".  Glen Carson then divided us into groups to ponder a series of questions that are to form the basis of our program Sunday morning.

It was a beautiful, star filled night as we adjourned to the Campfire Ring for evening vespers led by Ray Miles.  Then John Anderson and Michael Weeks pulled out telescopes and some of the men enjoyed looking at the wonder of God's creation before turning in for the night.

Sunday Morning - March 22, 2009

On Sunday morning the staff at Camp Christian again filled us with a great breakfast before Bob and Jeff led us in song.

Ray Miles then presented slides from the Pilgrimage to The Dominican Republic and Haiti that he participated in with other Regional Ministers.  Ray emphasized that it is important to let the Church in other parts of the world know that we are "walking with them in faith."  He then explained some of the outstanding ministries these churches are conducting.

After Ray's presentation, Jeff Johnson sang an inspiring solo "The Lighthouse" to start our worship service.  Ray Miles provided a communion meditation and we all shared in the Lord's Table before going outside to form our friendship circle by the lake.

All agreed, over lunch, that this had been one of our better retreats, the program, worship, fellowship, food and facilities of Camp Christian Conference Center were all outstanding.

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