Hello and welcome to the 2nd edition of the Retreat Report.  Those of you who couldn't make it this year missed a truly enriching experience.  My job is to tell you a little about what you missed.

Click to EnlargeFrom the moment we arrived to register until the moment we departed, this year was a true retreat.  There was no frantic rush to get from place to place or hurried pace that left you exhausted before you really got started.  The goal of the organizers seemed to be a nice, relaxing weekend with plenty of inspiration and encouragement as we experienced the Word of Our Lord.  They succeeded.

Click to EnlargeFriday evening began with dinner and the opening session.  The keynote speaker, Landa Simmons, was exceptional.  Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious.  The Blessing Box dedication was thoughtful and well handled.  The session was a wonderful prelude to the rest of the weekend.

Continuing an idea begun last year, the mixer held afterwards gave everyone a chance to talk and catch up with old friends.  The passports gave us a chance to seek out some new friends as we looked for people who fit the descriptions.  A slide show by the Regional Office about the work being done at Camp Christian was interesting and informative.  Anyone who hasn't seen the new dining hall or conference center should take a look at the website.

Click to EnlargeSaturday morning began with "Morning Work".  Landa's  intent was to get everyone to think about the Christian women who have influenced their lives.   Speaking for myself, she succeeded.  As people turned to their neighbor to talk and share, it was obvious that we were all thinking.

Workshops were awesome this year.  You had a wide variety of choices and with 3 workshop Click to Enlargetimes you didn't have to miss one to attend another.  Choices included Drama in Worship, Senior Ministry, Ugly Quilts, Fun with Handbells, Youth Ministry and a Labyrinth and many others.  Workshops are always a time to meet new people and learn more not only about things you are familiar with but new things also.  The Healing Service was conducted again this year.  Actually  2 services were held at the same time in different locations.  This helped to relieve crowds and make it easier to get to the service without running across the campus.

Click to EnlargeSaturday evening 's session began with the installation of officers for the coming year. Afterwards there was a Woman - to - Woman forum with Sandra Barnhill.  Two young women from Sudan and Chad talked about the difficulties in their native countries and the circumstances that forced them to leave.  They brought out the many differences between women in those countries and ourselves.  At the same time, they showed that we aren't so different after

The worship service Sunday morning was uplifting and a joy to participate in.  Landa's final message was powerful and thought provoking.  Each of us has a duty to go out into our world whether that is our own neighborhood, a new state or a new country and show others the love and light of Christ.

This year's retreat was a true retreat.  With plenty to keep us busy and involved, we also had plenty of time to relax, talk to old friends, make new friends and renew our own personal relationship with our Lord.  I hope those who attended enjoyed this year as much as I and my friends did.  And for those of you who couldn't attend or who think retreat is just for "old ladies", you missed an uplifting experience.  Plan to attend next year, so you can see what the rest of us know.  CWF Retreat is truly the time for the women of Georgia to come together in love, worship and  fun.

May God bless each of you and care for you in the coming year.

Karen Boyd
East Central District Coordinator
Central Christian Church

More Photos from the Retreat

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