Women of Faith

2012 Disciples Women's Retreat
September 28-30, 2012
Toccoa Georgia Baptist Conference Center

Empowering Women of Faith
Inspired, Empowered, and Equipped to Change the World


Who inspires you? Women were inspired by Biblical women and by women of today from around the world.
What gives you strength? Women were strengthened through Christian faith and through the courage of sisters meet in story and in the gathered community.
Where do you see need in the world that calls you to respond, and how can you make a difference? Women were equipped to engage the hurts of the world with compassion and hope, matching gifts to God’s call in life-giving ways.

Women learned what it mean to be a woman of faith – inspired, empowered, and equipped?

Retreat 2012 featured engaging presentations by Rev. Amy Gopp, Executive Director of Week of Compassion, and enlivening music led by Andra Moran, professional Disciples musician from Nashville, Tennessee.

Rev. Amy Gopp
Rev. Amy Gopp
Andra Moran
Andra Moran

Keynoter Rev. Amy Gopp, Executive Director of Week of Compassion.  Focused on “Empowering Women of Faith,” connecting us to Biblical women and women she has encountered through her work with Week of Compassion around the world.  Music was led by Andra Moran, professional Disciples musician from Nashville, TN.

Retreat was in the foothills of the mountains in scenic Toccoa. The retreat center, complete with hiking trails, a lake, nearby falls, and shopping was a great spot for a weekend away.

I Met a Woman…

I met a woman – an amazing woman.
She was many things - a mother,
A sister,
A daughter,
A friend.

We told our stories,
Stayed up way too late,
Sang by the campfire,
Laughed at each others jokes,
Dried each others tears.

In this woman’s eyes, I saw things.
I saw my mother,
My sister,
My grandmother,
My friend.

We were different in many ways.
Different ages,
Different homes,
Different families,
Yet we were exactly the same.

There was a hole in my heart
Where my mother once was,
Where a sister never was,
A loneliness living and breathing,
That I didn't even know was there.

I now see how to fill that hole,
With the love from my sisters,
And mothers,
With my love for my sisters and mothers,
And with God's love for us all.

-Kathy Mason

Here are the totals of giving for the retreat:

$2201 given for Sunday offering -- including $990.45 for the 2011-2012 Woman-to-Woman projects ($495.23 for Micro-Credit in the Democratic Republic of Congo; $495.22 for Soap-Making in the Republic of Congo) and $990.45 for the Week of Compassion Women's Empowerment Fund.

A tithe of $220.10 went toward the Martha Faw Woman-to-Woman Fund.

Women also designated $425 toward GA Disciples Women's Ministries.

Silent Auction: approximately $1720 for GA Disciples Women's Ministries.

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