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Rev. Cameron Pennybacker / Diversity Assets

“ Essential”

(A Prayer for Priests, Imams, Deacons, Rabbis, Elders, & Ministers in the Midst)


God of our evenings – our mornings – our days that blend together; We have arrived at this new place with fewer people and cleaner air… with uncertainty and solidarity…

with ‘not enough’ and ‘too much’. Claim us in the midst of our heroism, our loneliness, our opportunity, our unknowedness.


Alay our fears which loom large – close in – burrow deep

within many of us- and within so many for whom we are called to care. Press us toward your living word

which reminds us we are never alone we are accompanied by a “deeper-than-words” Advocate.


As leaders within Your world called to serve Your people,

strengthen us, we pray, that we might become a blessing unto others. Hear us when we ask You:

“How might we more fully participate in Your vision for this world… this season… this day?”

Remind us of Your rhythm(s)…

           …two birds chatting…

           …one child reading…

           …and the recognition – the deep knowing - that comes from breaking bread together;

each rhythm a divine biometric

Your heartbeat transcending any one tradition,

Your breath falling upon all faithful traditions.


Forgive us for frittering away

days – seasons – decades - generations

of opportunity to set aside that which matters less

and take up that which matters more.

Re-order our priorities that we might move closer to that which You deem essential:

Your environment       >         our appetites

people                         >          pride

food                             >          that which does not nourish

meaningful work         >          dehumanizing jobs

a moral path               >         the selfish choice

safety                          >         profit

real                             >          fake

care                             >         indifference

grocery store worker >          predatory  lender

justice                          >          injustice.


Renew our trust in Your wing-span that is not challenged by 6 ft increments, Your children who live beyond public partisanship, and Your insistence that “Lesser things will pass away, but love shall never end.”





Chaplain Answai T. White, B. S., MDiv., C.P.E

Our Father which art in heaven, I bless your Holy Name. I praise You for Your loving kindness. I praise You for Your mercy. I praise You for Your amazing grace. I praise You that You are with us in this storm. I praise You for protecting me and my family in this national crisis. No plague shall come neigh my dwelling. You are my hope. You are my defender. You are my deliverer. You are my great physician. Keep us safe until the storm passes by. Your loving kindness is better than life. In the name of Jesus, who is Christ and Lord, Amen! 

Rev. Betty C. Brewer-Calvert

Director of Chaplain Ministries

Campbell-Stone Senior Living Communities


O Holy One, Maker of Heaven and Earth, we come to you today asking that you would surround us with your loving care.  Give us strength, courage, patience, and endurance for these challenging days.  Fill us with a sense of your abiding presence and never-ending love.  We pray today for the churches of our Region as we seek to minister in new and creative ways.  Your Son reminded his disciples on that first Easter that he had promised to send a comforter, an advocate, the Spirit to comfort and to guide.  May we, people of the resurrection, experience that same Spirit surrounding, leading, and enlivening us for such a time as this.   As we continue to minister to one another and to our communities, we pray for hope, imagination, compassion, and perseverance.  Be with pastors and lay leaders, reminding them as they care for others, to care for themselves as well. 


We lift to you those in our churches who have lost loved ones and for the grief which is compounded by not being able to gather with friends and family for replenishment and healing.   Wrap your arms around them, Loving Comforter, and give them peace.   The griefs and burdens of your children are great, O God; you know them well, and your mercy is infinite.  Help us to practice mercy and tenderness with one another.  May we seek to be encouragers, building up one another in Christian love.  The love which Christ taught his disciples is now ours to share.  May that love from which nothing can separate us inspire and determine our words and actions.  These things we pray in the name of the risen Christ.  Amen. 

Rev. Dr. Antoinette “Toni” Kemp


Lord God, most gracious and compassionate One, You are the perfection of love, harmony and beauty. You are the One whose light clears away all clouds, who places the stars in the heavens when the darkness shadows over us, and then You pull back the night and raise up Your Sun to give us a new day to give thanks. And so, it is, we take refuge in You. Lord we find ourselves in an uncertain time, and at this unfamiliar place. 

Open our eyes that we might see your glory, quicken our ears that we may recognize your voice and disclose to us your Divine light which is hidden our hearts. We bare to you our souls today, to say our cup runs over… Lord we pray at the gate of Your mercy asking You to cure the ills of this land and throughout Your world.

Dispel the mists of illusion from our eyes and pour out upon us your limitless love, heavenly joy, perfect peace and everlasting life. Help us to rise above the distinctions and differences that divide us, and like the waters of life, flood our souls with your Spirit. In this moment of silent communion with you O’ God, cultivate our humility and remind us to just breath…to be gentle with ourselves and patient with others. Remind us to dance and sing and laugh and find rest and tranquility in our communion with You! May the eyes of our hearts be enlightened. For You grace is sufficient. Amen

Prayer in time of COVID-19

Michael Yandell


O God,


The One in whom we hope and trust,

The source of life,

  • You make all things new.


By the power of your Holy Spirit,

     breathe new life into our ravaged bodies,

     our weary souls.

Prepare us for the days ahead -

     prepare in us a strength

     to live not as we have lived,

     but as we will live,

     not in the world that is already passing away,

     but in the new world that is becoming.


That we will come to know our sisters and brothers

Whom we have not recognized before  -

      the hungry,

      the thirsty,

      the Stranger,

      the naked,

      the sick,

      the imprisoned,

That we will live with these our sisters and brothers

With a new and lasting love and justice,

That we will be as a beloved community of your children.


Through the name of the One humiliated and exalted,

Through the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayers Offered

Rev. Angelika Mitchell

Prayer in the midst of challenging Times


God of All – we come to you

Worried, uncertain, what the future holds

Faced with our own mortality

Trying to make sense of what is happening.


Still our fears and give us clarity of mind

Help us to focus on what matters

And not on the chaotic chatters

Give us courage to accept our emotions

Our thoughts and our frailties without shame.


Draw out our gifts and give us strength at this time

So that we can serve as your comforting hands,

Guide our feet where they are most needed

And envelop us in your protective light.


Bless our healthcare workers, our families,

Bless our towns, cities, our country

Oh, Lord bless the world

Give comfort to those who lost loved ones

Open our hearts so that not greed

But human compassion will guide our actions

For this we pray. Amen.

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